Rising Sun TokuCast – Episode 11: The Young Justice one?

We’ve got another episode for y’all! This time we review one of the best animated shows in recent years, Young Justice. Here’s a disclaimer though: We recorded this a little while back, just before the Season 2 premiere. So you get to hear our horribly inaccurate predictions of what was coming up. Enjoy!

Also, look out for our next podcast where we have 2 special guests!

Rising Sun TokuCast – Ep. 11 – Direct Download

Topics Discussed: 


Kamen Rider Ryuki

-Ultimate Spider-man


-Green Lantern, Aquaman and Batman comics

-Super Hero Wars movie failure. :(

Ultraman series


Metalder, Winspector and other Metal Hero shows

—-Young Justice Season 1 discussion—-

Music Credits:

-Intro song: Rising Sun by EXILE

-Break song: Young Justice opening theme

-Outro song: Rising Sun by AAA

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