Kyouryuu Sentai Zyuranger Episode 7

[みえる、みえる] I Can See You! I Can See You!

Writer: Noboru Sugimura and Kenichi Araki

Director: Shohei Tojo

Here we are with episode 7 of the series, coming off a string of two parters, this is the first stand alone episode thus far. We’ve got a goblin, a kid with a crush, and a really bad case of indigestion. How does it fare compared to what we’ve seen thus far?

Not too bad actually. This was a really fun episode, certainly nothing on the level of the DaiZyuJin or legendary weapons arcs, but it was the sort of cool down episode you sort of need after big episodes to show the characters in a lighter manner. The stakes aren’t too high here, compared to what we had going on in the previous episodes, but you do get a sense of Bandora’s hate on for children that she’s going going on.

DoraGoblin, the newest monster out of the oven, is able to take children away to a strange forest and steal their souls. The situation grows a tad bit more difficult for the Zyuranger when they learn that the only people who can see DoraGoblin are kids themselves. So what do they do? Well they don’t really rely on a kid! You figure this would be the sort of thing an episode like this would play up, but it doesn’t happen. For the most part, our kid of the week is a pretty lonely kid whose father is in jail, mother is dead, and who wants to win over the heart of a girl he likes. He’s intent on giving her a present and that seems to be the only thing he really cares about throughout the entire episode (even going as far as chasing down a monster who eats it). When the Zyuranger are able to outsmart the monster, it’s because of Geki’s tactics, so you won’t get a lot of the kid trying to guide the Rangers on the battlefield.

Again we see that the series playing up its fairy tail influences with the design of the monster, who is much less a monster and more of a pudgy goblin/troll looking fellow, as well as the discovery of his weakness based on a fairy tale itself. This is the sort of thing that lends itself well for battle, but you gotta wonder whether it’s detrimental to the story for the heroes to know how to defeat a monster, or at least gain the upper hand, based on folklore. Anyway, this episode plays it pretty safe in that regard, the secret to the monster is that switching his shoes from one foot to the other will cause him to become visible to all children. Once the Rangers have him changing his shoes, thanks to Geki gaining the upper hand by seeing his footprints in the dirt and tricking him into thinking he can see him, the Rangers still have to battle him.

Okay, DoraGoblin is not the strongest of foes they’ve ever faced, but it’s nice to see that the team still has to take him down with their own power. Once this battle is over, the kid rushes after Bukbak to take back his stolen present, a caterpillar that will grow into a beautiful butterfly. Turns out that the caterpillar was eaten, but finds its way out of Bukbak’s mouth in the form of said butterfly. With the help of Dan, the kid gets the butterfly and he’s able to give it to his crush.

So, yeah, it’s a fairly standard episode, and like I mentioned earlier, something to be expected. This would seem like a bit of a Dan focus episode, but rather than that, it feels as if he just got an extra scene or two compared to everyone else. For the most part, Dan is here for us to learn the kid’s back story and to add a little bit of extra incentive in the fight, something to make it more personal. The caterpillar was given to the kid in egg form my his dad during a jail visit, so it’s got double the meaning to him. Before learning this, Dan, who has that calm sort of attitude, says you need to give a girl your most precious possession, which is apparently this caterpillar. Knowing this, Dan runs off into battle to help the kid.

While not a huge episode, this one helps us learn a little bit about Dan and has us following a rather amusing villain. The fights aren’t anything to write home about, there’s nothing huge going on with the DaiZyuJin battle this time around. This is definitely the cooling off period before something bigger happens.


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