Kyouryuu Sentai Zyuranger

6. “Rise of DaiZyuJin” – Part 2

It’s Dan’s turn to take the center stage as he helps a young boy with crush on a girl win her over. Bandora sets her eyes on taking the hearts of children and Dan is pulled into the situation as his new friend’s crush has her heart stolen.

7. “I Can See You! I Can See You!
It’s Dan’s turn to take the center stage as he helps a young boy with crush on a girl win her over. Bandora sets her eyes on taking the hearts of children and Dan is pulled into the situation as his new friend’s crush has her heart stolen.

8. “Terror! Eaten in an Instant!
Bandora’s newest Dora Monster seems like a joke, but the team soon discover that it’s anything but when it’s able to digest their Legendary Weapons. Without their greatest tools, how will the team defeat this monster?

9. “Run! Prince of the Eggs!” – Part 1
A young prince from the faraway land of Delos appears with his caretakers, bringing along with them the final pair of dinosaur eggs in existence. When Bandora learns of these developments, it’s an all out race to save the eggs and bring the dinosaurs back from extinction!

10. “Monkeys No More!” – Part 2
The team and the prince arrive on Delos island and race to stop Bandora from reaching the dinosaur eggs before she does. If Bandora gets her hands on the eggs, the people of Delos island will never be allowed to rejoin their god in the heavens again.

11. “My Masters!
A group of children discover an ancient lamp containing a powerful genie. Although the kids wish to use its powers for gun and games, Bandora has other ideas and sets her eyes on imprisoning the genie in a lamp of her own making.

12. “My Dad’s a Vampire?!

A young monster hunting girl believes her neighborhood is infested with monsters and is out to prove to her father that she knows what she’s talking about. But what happens when it appears that her father himself might be one of these monsters she’s trying to expose to the world?

13. “Fire! The Golden Arrows!

Mei falls victim to an apple that places her in a deep sleep. While her body deals with a terrible fever, she’s in the mental battle of her life as she must overcome her fears to free her body from the magic of the apple and defeat her tribe’s oldest enemy.

14. “Let’s Get Tiny!
An innocent fae tries out for a spot on  Bandora’s gang but isn’t given a chance when Bandora learns none of his creations do anything but bring smiles to people. When the fae encounters a young boy who hates adults for making fun of him, Bandora sees this as her chance to have a kid bring about the doom of the Zyuranger.

15. “Destroy it! The Dark Super Sword!

Bandora uses a young boy’s tenth birthday to her advantage when the time comes to forge an evil sword that will be able to destroy the Zyuranger when wielded by a dark knight she has created.

16.  “The Great Sneezing Plot!

Using a strange powder to make the world sneeze endlessly, Bandora hopes to disrupt the cycle of life and create chaos all over the world. It’s up to Boi to find a way to deal with the problem and defeat the newest Dora Monster.

17. “Hero Number Six!” – Part 1

A young boy finds an ancient green key and hopes to awaken an ancient warrior from his  slumber to defeat Bandora. Barza and Gnome race to stop the kid from awakening Burai at all costs. Confused, the heroes must fight against their mentors as they try to protect the kid. Stranger still, Bandora is doing everything she can to make sure Burai awakens. Once the boy is able to awaken Burai, the team learns the reason behind their fear of this warrior. Burai, the sixth Zyuranger, calling himself the Dragon Ranger and the prince of the Yamato tribe, rushes into battle. But is he a friend or foe?

18. “The Hate Filled Brother’s Sword” – Part 2

Geki learns the terrible truth behind the strange new warrior calling himself the prince of the Yamato tribe – Burai is his brother and Geki was adopted by the royal family of the Yamato tribe. Burai has grown to hate Geki for taking what he believes to be rightfully his and will now stop at nothing to destroy the one person who represents the suffering he has had to endure throughout his entire life. In her palace, Bandora grows assured that she will be able to defeat the team within 10 days time.

19. “The Female Scorpion Warrior” – Part 1

The team must face a new challenge in the form of yet another new warrior against them. Lami, Griffozer’s wife, appears and gives the Rangers a new world of trouble.

20. “DaiZyuJin’s Final Day!” – Part 2

Bandora’s plan is in full motion now that the solar eclipse has begun. The Rangers must now face off against Lami, Griffozar, and a giant Burai while DaiZyuJin’s powers are slowly draining away.

21. “Great Riot of the Guardian Beast” – Part 3

Things get worse for the team as they learn that they aren’t the only ones with a Guardian Beast. Burai rampages on the city after discovering a truth he doesn’t want to believe.

22. “Combine! GouRyuJin!” – Part 4

The Burai saga finally comes to an end. After the dust is settled, will Burai let go of the past and join his brother or will DaiZyuJin’s orders to kill him be carried out?

23. “I Really Like the Love Balls!

When most of the team falls for a spell that makes people fall in love with the first thing they set eyes upon, it’s up to Mei and Geki to find a way to defeat the newest Dora Monster.

24. “Turtles Forever
Totpat and Bukbak decide to have a go at creating a monster of their own to defeat the Zyurangers once and for all. Boi discovers he’s the only one capable of defeating the newest Dora Monster but struggles with his doubt over whether or not he’s capable of the task.

25. “Where Park Where Demons Loom
Goushi gets himself personally involved when a deceased friend’s final work of art is used  in Bandora’s latest plot.

26. “Spirits Together in Shaved Ice
Totpat continues his quest to become a general in Bandora’s Gang and this time he has his sights set on destroying the team from the inside.

27. “I’m Going to Eat Mei!
An ancient threat from the past returns in the form of Dora Guzzler, one of the Rishiya kingdom’s greatest enemies. In the past the monster was defeated when the former Rishiya princess gave up her life, but will Mei have to do the same?

28. “Great Upgrade of the Clay Warriors!” – Part 1
The team members get themselves jobs in order to earn spending money and discover more of the modern world. Bandora discovers a deposit of a particular clay that will make her creations stronger than ever before right under the restaurant Dan works at.

29. “Mystery! Attack of the Beast Knight God” – Part 2
Burai and Geki search for a great power that can help them defeat the newest super Dora Monsters.

30. “Satan Arrives!” – Part 3
DaiSatan, a greater power than even Bandora herself, appears and attacks the Rangers head on.

31. “Rebirth of the Ultimate God” – Part 4
The battle against DaiSatan continues as the team struggles to stay in the fight for long. Seemingly defeated, the team is swept away by Clotho and all of Burai’s secrets finally come to light.

32. “Geki, Slash Your Tears!
After learning about the impending death of his brother, Geki becomes obsessed with protecting him.

33. “Teach me! Jewels of Courage
Two ancient jewels appear and it’s up to a young girl to help the Zyuranger unlock their powers and save a group of kidnapped children.

34. “Live on, Burai!
Burai gets his first solo challenge in the modern world as he ventures off on his own to save the life of a young girl.

35. “Ninja Warrior Boi!
Boi takes on the teaching of a ninja dojo and battles Bandora’s trio of generals as he tries to protect an elixir that can grant immortality.

36. “Smash it! The Mirror of Death!
A young boy finds a map that leads to a dangerous weapon he believes his treasure he can use to make his mother’s dreams come true.

37. “Birth of the Dinosaurs
The pair of dinosaur eggs are found and once again placed into danger as Bandora sets her eyes on them.

38. “Princess Mei’s Seven Transformations
Mei and Lami battle it out while where different costumes.

39. “Tears of the Underground Beast
Bandora uses the grief of a mother monster to turn it on the Zyuranger. Geki struggles with destroying a monster that is simply under a spell and isn’t acting of its own will.

40. “Burai’s Journey into Death” – Part 1
Clotho appears to the team and tells them that Burai will die the next time he leaves the Lapless Room. The team begin a search for any method they can use to save Burai and remember the experiences they’ve shared together. Bandora unleashes Dora Mimic, a monster that can mimic the appearance of the Guardian Beasts, to attack the city and dray Burai out.

41. “Burai’s Journey into Death” – Part 2
Bandora learns the location of the Lapless Room as sets out to destroy it while Burai is trying to locate a boy he saw in his nightmare that he believes is on the verge of death. The boy is later hurt by rubble from the robot battle and with time running out for both of them, Burai frantically tries to find a way to save him.

42. “Burai Dies” – Part 3
Time runs out for Burai and the difficult choice between saving his own life or the life of a young boy must be made as the Zyuranger face a tearful reality.

43. “The Reborn Zyusouken
With the death of Burai, Dragon Caesar is at a lost and feeling left out when it sees the rest of the Guardian Beasts bonding with their partners.

44. “The Greatest Female Fencer in Japan
Goushi resolves to protect a female fencer after the newest Dora Monster starts kidnapping the greatest idols in the country and using their abilities to enact deadlier attacks.

45. “A Foolish Boy
As he tries to carry on the will of his deceased father, a young boy teams up with a Dora Monster, who has the uncanny ability to channel its pain to him.

46. “They’re Here! The Vicious Sentai!
Bandora uses the Golems to trick people into believing the Zyuranger have gone rogue and plans on driving them out of the city.

47. “Rushing into the Final Battle!” – Part 1
The final battle begins as a mysterious young boy from Bandora’s past and Great Satan return to finish off the Zyuranger once and for all.

48. “The Dark Son” – Part 2
The Zyurangers lose their greatest allies in the fight against the onslaught of Great Satan while the young boy’s connection to Bandora is revealed.

49. “Fall of the Gods” – Part 3
Without their greatest allies around, the team is at a loss. Dora Taros continually revives and Bandora will stop at nothing to destroy our heroes once and for all.

50. “Long Live the Dinosaurs” – Part 4
The battle comes to an end as the Zyuranger put everything they have on the line and prepare for the greatest trial of their lives.


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