Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger – Episode 32

「力を一つに」Chikara o Hitotsu ni

“Our Power as One”

Writer: Shimoyama Kento

Director: Takemoto Noboru

So, where we last left off, the Rangers were confronted by Basco’s true form and defeated rather easily. Now, they need to regroup and figure out a way to get stronger. Think they will do it? Well….yeah, its Sentai, after all.

The Rangers head back to Galleon and patch themselves up. Upset over their loss, each go off to train in their own way. Marvelous practices on his own while Joe and Luca spar one another. Ahim and Gai stay back to recuperate while Doc takes it upon himself to make improvements on their weapons. Not sure what to do, he goes out shopping for groceries to think it over. He meets a kid who is practicing soccer on his own. The kid is bummed that he couldnt make the regular squad and Doc gives him some encouraging words, subsequently motivating himself to try harder. He figures out a way to combine two Gokai Cylinders into one Gokai Gun to increase its power output. To test this, Doc goes out to an open area and shoots some rocks to see if its effective. While testing it out, a new Zangyack monster appears and attacks. The other Rangers appear to help out and he decides to try out his new weapon. But, to his dismay, the monster has an impenetrable shield at his disposal and the shot proves futile. And they retreat back to the Galleon to regroup once again.

Doc meets the kid once again and has another talk with him before offering to practice with him. By the end of the practice session, they both realize that they cannot improve their skills on their own, and that they need to work with their respective groups in order to benefit at all. This gives Doc an idea and asks the other Rangers for their weapons. Of course,  monster attacks and the others go to battle while Gai and Doc stay back to work on the new weapon. Gai points out that it looks a lot like the OleBazooka, which triggers another idea in Doc’s brilliant mind and he proceeds to finish his weapon. Doc returns to battle and reveals the Gokai Galleon Buster which works just like the OleBazooka. All 5 Rangers place their Ranger Keys into the weapon to intitiate the attack which breaks through the monster’s defenses and destroys him. Then it grows giant, the Rangers go into GokaiOh, and you know the rest. And, that basically concludes the episode.

This episode seemed a couple of levels below the previous episode, but it definitely wasn’t without purpose. It basically was a Doc-centric episode  where he learns the value of working together with his team in order for him to do his absolute best. It’s a good moral to focus on, and you do see the results of it in the Gokai Galleon Buster. I actually like the weapon quite a lot. the design is pretty unique with the aesthetics coming directly from the Gokai Galleon. The concept of the Rangers placing keys/blocks into a machine to combine powers has always been a favorite of mine and its great to see it implemented here. And the fact that it says “Red Charge!” when GokaiRed places his key into the back of the weapon implies that each Ranger will at some point be put in charge of firing the weapon. This is pretty much expected and done on a regular basis. But, this also gives a chance for some great set pieces where the Rangers let a certain Ranger take control of it to deliver a final blow. A scene of Joe shooting Barizorg or Marvelous shooting down Basco with the Buster in the near future comes to mind.

I will say that my one gripe with this episode was the sudden disappearance of Goro and Momo from Episode 31. They were seen helping the Rangers to their feet after their defeat against Basco, but then vanish without a trace immediately afterwards. I know that they’re story pretty much ended in one episode and they completed their task of giving the team their Ultimate Power. You also see Doc remembering what Goro said about using the Ohranger power whenever they need to unite their powers. I guess I just wanted to see more of them. But, they did fill their purpose and it was great seeing them last week. And, that doesn’t detract from this episode, since it was a pretty decent one on its own. It just wasn’t one of those episodes I would be excited to watch again and again.

Next episode, though, seems to be hella interesting. We get to see the Dairanger suits, as well as one of the Dairanger members make a guest appearance. I can’t wait for some good ol’ martial arts goodness!


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