February (8)

Weekly Comics: I Kill Giants #1 (Feb 7)
The Fix: Five Tokusatsu Shows You Should Watch (Feb 11)
Weekly Comics: Batman: Death of the Family Part 4 (Feb 14)
The Fix: Five Martial Arts Movies You Should Watch (Feb 18)
Weekly Comics: Batman #17 – Death of the Family Part 5 (Finale) (Feb 21)
The Fix: Where to Watch Tokusatsu Legally (Feb 25)
You Should Be Watching: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Feb 27)
Weekly Comics: Batman Incorporated #8 – The Death of Robin (Feb 28)

January (4)

The Perks of Being a Sentai Fan (Jan 9)
Weekly Comics: The Superior Spider-Man #1 (Jan 12)
Aoi Kurenai’s Best of 2012 (Jan 12)
Inui Takumi’s Best of 2012 (Jan 13)


Why am I just “whelmed” with Kamen Rider Fourze?
The Batman vs The Spectacular Spider-Man: Which one had a stronger start?
Zyuranger Quarterly Report 1
Zyuranger Quarterly Report 2
2012 State of the MedOOOls
Why the Hell is Goseiger One of My Favorite Sentai?
What’s in a Name? History of Sentai Titles!
A Tale of Two Dianes
Making Giants Big Again
The Six Days of Recommendations: The Brave and the Bold
What Does a New Tokusatsu Mean to You?
What Isn’t Tiger and Bunny a Tokusatsu Already?!
And the Next Kamen Rider Is…
And the Next Super Sentai Is…Comics: One Year Late
The Seven Eras of Sentai
You Should Be Watching: Madan Senki Ryukendo
Weekly Comics: Batman Noel
Weekly Comics Hub

2011 and Earlier

2D Gaming: The Resurgence
State of the MedOOOls
The Characters of Tomica Hero
Koichi Sakamoto Invades Japan!
Fansubs: The Progression
Kamen Rider Double: The Birth of Something New
Tokusatsu Fandom: More Open-Minded?
Best of 2011 – Inui Takumi
Best of 2011 – Aoi Kurenai


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