B Fighter Kabuto 41

[ルール無用頂上決戦] ruuru muyou choujou kessen

“The Ruleless Decisive Battle”

Christmas episode! …sort of. Not much mention is made of the holiday outside the presents and the fact that Yui got herself a part time job to be able to afford stuff for everyone. Kouhei had no idea why she needed the job at first and rather bluntly takes a few of her shopping bags from her, spilling her wrapped presents to all the B-Fighters on the floor, smooth move. I’m finding that, while it does seem Kouhei is growing, being around his sister always reverts him back to this bratty teen that he was at the start of the show. I’m not really sure why that is, maybe a yearning to look tough in front of her and show a but of authority since neither of their parents are in the country?

The rest of the episode deals with Raija being fed up with Kouhei and ready to take him out. In a gesture of friendship, Dezzle gives Raija a chain that will link Kouhei and him together allowing Raija to always know where his target is and attack him whenever he feels the need to. Kouhei is eventually lured into a trap and doesn’t seem to be doing to well against Raija at first, having no idea how to deal with the chain.

Just as it seems that Raija is finally going to be able to kill Kouhei, Descorpion appears! Turns out he’s got one of those fancy chains as well and links himself to Kouhei. What happens next can only be describe as the most epic game of tug of war ever. Kouhei gets the upper hand in all this confusion and manages to break the chains and blast the two generals back to their base.(And in the process he somehow hears his sister cheering him on from way the heck over at the other side of the city)

Now how did Descorpion get his hands on one of those fancy chains? Dezzle! Seems the guy has been a little sneaky and gave one to Raija and big D in an attempt to have them destroy each other. This is when we learn that Dezzle’s whole brotherly act with Raija since their revival has just been one big…well, act. He’s got no intention of truly working together with his brother and wants him and the B-Crushers gone. In fact, it’s Dezzle’s intention to be the last of the Melzard authority figures standing, even after his mother.

Hey, guess who wakes up in time to hear Dezzle extoll? That’s right, Mother’s back! She takes Drude’s body for a moment, asking Dezzle a few questions before he realizes that his Mother’s in there. Mother then returns to her body (with a weird eye on her breast now…for some reason) and proceeds to electrocute the living hell out of Dezzle. She doesn’t take too kindly to having her own son want to take her out of the picture.

Also, Mother can now control Kuwaga Titan and goes on a rampage. Timing seems to be on everyone’s side in this episode as the Astral Saber awakens and is freed from its stone imprisonment, allowing Kouhei to call forth Kabuterious and take on Mother in the Kuwaga Titan. A battle ensues and Kabuterious does a bit better than in their previous meetings! He manages to fend Mother off and make her retreat to her base, where she punishes the rest of her children for failing.

Kouhei returns home and finds his sister asleep. He was upset earlier that he didn’t find a present for himself in the bundle he made Yui drop, but it turns out there was a reason for that…she’s made him a shirt! And he gives her the present he got her, a blanket that he covers her with as she’s fallen asleep on the couch working on his present.

Decent episode overall, still not too thrilled about his how overbearing Kouhei is with his sister. I imagine this is something that just got into his personality, with their parents staying in America for the year, he’s got to be the protector or something like that and feels that Yui shouldn’t need to have a job.


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