About Us

This is Rising Sun Tokusatsu V2.0!

In 2009, two friends started a blog together. It quickly went nowhere. Eventually, the blog came back to life and has been sputtering along ever since! Initially focusing on tokusatsu (Japanese sci-fi) the site has expanded to include anything that falls under geekdom and things of interest to us. We originally ran RST on blogspot but moved to WordPress for our “rebirth” as Rising Sun Tokusatsu V2.0 for our two year anniversary and there’s been no looking back since as we try to provide readers with (hopefully) enjoyable content. We cover anything from comics to martial arts movies and try to post our thoughts on random topics from time to time as well. If you want to contact us, please e-mail

Current Writers

Aoi Kurenai (founder)

 About Me
I’ve been a blogger on and off throughout the years, having various personal blogs in the past, none that quite took off. Started up the blog  with   Inui Takumi a few years ago because we’ve both always wanted to have a site that offers geek content that fits our specific interests. (read: wide,  wide range of stuff) We’ve had our bouts with a lack of motivation in the past, but we’re hoping this time around things will be better and we’ll be  able to keep going without any major lulls. I joined the online tokusatsu fandom in late 2004, ventured into J-Drama afterwards, and was part of  the anime fandom for years before then. I’ve recently gotten into comics, at least American comics, for the first time in my life thanks to DC’s  New 52 plan. I’m still a newbie when it comes to comics, but the titles I’ve read have spurred my interest in going back to read older titles and  story arcs.

Inui Takumi (founder)

About Me

In 2006, I randomly decided to look for random clips of Sentai on this thing called YouTube. After about 4 hours of hazy gray-area, I immerged needing to know about this new aspect to a genre I once loved. After joining forums like RangerTalk and Power Ranger Empire, I settled at Henshin Justice Unlimited, meeting people from all over the world interested in this niche form of television entertainment. I was exposed to all things from Kamen Rider, to Ultraman, to even Japanese Dramas. I tried my hand at reviewing a few movies and specials from Tokusatsu and J-dramas on a blog page I had on LiveJournal. After being friends with Sir Kurenai for a while, we realized that we both wanted a site that would be a vessel for all the nonsensical opinions we had about the geekery we consumed. Figuring that 2 luke-warm motivated individuals could almost equal one mildly motivated person, we created accounts on Blogspot and took off from there. My favorite tokusatsu shows include Kamen Rider Faiz, Kamen Rider Hibiki, Tokkei Winspector, Gosei Sentai Dairanger, Choujuu Sentai Liveman, and Garo, among others. The comics I’m most interested right now are Green Lantern, Justice League, Batman, and Suicide Squad. I am also a huge Martial Arts movie junkie, so anything from Bruce Lee to Jackie Chan to newcomers like Tony Jaa, Wu Jing and Yanin Jeeja (Chocolate, Raging Phoenix).

Algo Fonix (writer)

Algo Fonix joined the team in the middle of 2012 as the first of Rising Sun Tokusatsu’s additional writers and a valued member of the crew. While he isn’t overly knowledgeable in regards to tokusatsu, his focuses are more in retro video gaming and thus he serves as the site’s resident nostalgia man. He’s also a wizard. Supposedly. You can read his introduction post here.


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