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4The team makes its move and hurries to free Jamie from the control of The Reach once and for all.

2Two episodes left. There are only two episodes left after this one and I have no idea where things are going to go. Jamie and Green Beetle were saved during this episode, a heck of a lot earlier than I imagined they would be, and the Justice League is still away in trial on that alien world. All we know right now is that The Light is finally ready to make its final move against The Read, the team, and the Justice League. Things are definitely heating up and it should be an insane final two episodes.

But that’s for next week, this week, stuff happened! Megan and Lagaan finally broke up and it…well, I think we all saw it coming, except for Lagaan, that is. As a viewer you can pick up on things that help you realize those two weren’t going to be the greatest pair forever. Lagaan is basically another Conner and this episode more or less confirms that this is all Megan saw him as. She straight up calls him her rebound boy, probably realizing this a little too late to stop hurt feelings. Lagaan’s clearly in love with her, but to Megan, he’s just another replacement for Conner.

1I’ve got a hunch that Lagaan is going to head over to the enemies or die trying to save Megan in the final two episodes. There’s really not a whole lot you can do with a character like this and the biggest way to make him stand out and be something more than simply a replacement for Superboy is to have him go out like a true hero or turn completely against the team. After all, it’s not like that hasn’t happened before in this show, right? Right? Yeah.

Megan broke up with Lagaan and no one should have any doubts as to why – she’s still in love with Conner. Now the tough part is going to be getting them back together. It’s easy to forget, but Megan isn’t the one that dumped Conner. He left her because she was becoming psychotic and lobotomizing their enemies. Having a girlfriend like that isn’t something Conner can deal with, especially when he has his own problems going on that he knows he can’t always stay on top of. This show’s always been great with interpersonal drama and that’s something you just know is going to become a key factor with the endgame finally coming up.

On the flip side, Jamie and Green Beetle are free! …I don’t really care about Green Beetle! He’s still too new of a character have formed a bond with! It’s great to have Jamie back though. Again, this is something I was expecting in the last episode or two, not right now. As things stand, it looks like we might get all of the original players back on the same side. Well, there’s still the problem with Aqua Lad, but I’m sure he’ll find a way to escape Black Manta. Or die trying. That seems to be one of the themes with this show from time to time.

3This episode also helps us learn that the scarab attached to Jamie isn’t evil, maybe a little murerous, but not evil. They were both under control of The Reach and the scarab wasn’t fond of it. The thing outright says that it prefers working with Jamie and his friends for their cause rather than being a servant of The Reach. We also get some serious comic book history here as we start learning about the two Blue Beetles before Jamie. It’s great to see Dan in animated form, he had such a cool looking costume.

The one thing I’m a little disappointed in is that this episode reminds me just how much Wondergirl and Batgirl have been wasted in this series. They have some great voice actresses behind them and they almost never appear. When they are one screen, it’s just not satisfying and they’re barely doing anything. This is the most play they’ve had throughout the entire series and I can’t help but think that, even if this show did make it to a third season, there was no way that they were going to get any more development. There was going to be another time jump between Invasion and whatever season three would have been and, by that point, Wondergirl and Batgirl would be too old to be key players on the show.