It’s time for a rescue mission as things come to light and Arsenal has to fight for his life and get off the War World.

young-justice-invasion-the-hunt-4So we’re back to focusing on the runaways! It’s been two episodes since we last saw them take center stage and this time they’re trying to save the captured heroes. I love that this show can tie seemingly unrelated characters into one big interconnecting story. And of course probably setting them up to join the team. Yeah, they definitely would have been the main characters of a third season, it’s a shame that’s not going to happen.

This episode seems to have its focus split between different grounds rather than focusing on any one group like last time, despite the runaways being the catalyst for a majority of what goes down. We’re also following Miss Martian and Nightwing, and Arsenal off on his own. It’s great to see Nightwing actually out and about for once, he’s been sorely missed throughout this season. He managed to have a pretty decent conversation with Miss Martian – those two don’t get nearly enough time together on screen. The group I watched this episode with were all spazzing over this moment, seeing it as some sort of shipping thing. I don’t particularly see it myself, but hey, it could serve to create some tension between Nightwing and Superboy.

young-justice-invasion-the-hunt-1Arsenal’s running scared for a lot of the episode, eventually attacks the runaways by mistake, and then manages to team up with them. When we last saw him, he was scared as heck at being captured and being put into stasis yet again…and it isn’t too different here. Can you blame him? Spending eight years in stasis, hidden away from the world might have that effect on people.

Arsenal is still good at thinking on his feet though, even if it did lead to the freeing of freaking Mongul. The warmonger has some sort of history with Black Beetle. I’ve got a hunch they’re probably of the same race and might have come across each other at some point in the past, and probably not on friendly terms. Either way, Arsenal definitely knows how to play other people to his advantage and it’s great. If he wasn’t such a spastic PTSD case, he might actually be a pretty good leader for the team at some point in the future. But since he seems to run scared at any sign of captivity, he’s still got some work left to go before he can lead anyone. Maybe a session or two with Black Canary? It worked for the rest of the team in the first season… well, it didn’t really work, they were all pretty scarred afterward, but it helped!

young-justice-invasion-the-hunt-2Though Nightwing kicking him off the team might get in the way of that. His redemption is probably going to come into play during the final trilogy of episodes. Given the outcome of this episode, with the runaways refusing to join the team and Arsenal sort of kind of on their side even after they bail on Lex, I sense… Red Hood and the Outlaws! Or not. But it would have been a great way to introduce Jason in the third season. He was do for a resurrection by then.

Oh and also, G. Gordon isn’t a tool anymore. Under the pretense of a friendly conversation, he gets the Reach ambassador to join his talk show, where he precedes to rip him a new one by outing all of the Reach’s lies, like having that armada of ships.

Young Justice continues to prove how great of a show it can be with each and every episode. There are all of these opportunities for different stories to come into play, but it’s also working diligently at tying up everything we’ve been introduced so far. This is the sort of show that could spawn a number of spinoffs and truly be the start of a new DCAU.