The Star Beasts are dead. The mystery of the Jizaiken needs to be solved before the team can summon the greatest miracle yet.

[復活の時] Fukkatsu no Toki
The Hour of Revival
Writer: Yasuko Kobayashi

vlcsnap-2013-02-17-18h31m42s8Sambash is feeling on top of the world after having defeated the Star Beasts, but everyone else seems to think his job isn’t done. Sambash was supposed to revive Daitanix, killing the Star Beasts was only a plus. The monster from the previous episode, Torbador, and his brother, Tagredor, are summoned by Sambash to help him in his latest plan. By turning the petrified Star Beasts to dust, they hope to revive Daitanix.

Meanwhile, Ryouma and the others are still at a lost as they stand guard before the Star Beasts. Sambash and the brothers appear, as does Yuta to cheer the team on while a fight breaks out. Yuta unknowingly supercharges Ryouma with the stone Gingaleon gave him, nearly knocking him out. Later that day, everyone learns that the reason the Star Beasts, and Moak, are so against using the Jizaiken is because they channel the power of the Star Beasts’ home planets directly. The stone Yuta has is but a small portion of that energy and it’s feared that using it will kill the team. Despite the danger, the team are plunge into and use the blades to channel the energy of the different worlds and revive the Star Beasts.

vlcsnap-2013-02-17-18h32m09s15While all this is going on, Sambash and the brothers are trying to steal the energy for themselves, though Yuta shows up in the nick of time and uses his stone to destroy their siphoning machine. Before any danger comes to Yuta, the Star Beasts are reborn as the Silver Star Beasts and bare robotic forms. They quickly combine into the giant robot known as GingaOh, prompting the monster brothers to turn giant. The robot is easily able to defeat them and all is well for now.

Okay, so parts of this episode worked for me and part of it, arguably one of the most important parts, didn’t. So let’s talk about what I enjoyed! There’s this theme going on all throughout the episode about the sacrifice that heroes make to save people. The show does you one better and asks the question of whether or not it’s wise for a hero to make a sacrifice when they’re the only thing standing between life and death. Essentially a “who’s protecting the protectors?” sort of theme. It’s one that I enjoyed a lot because it ties in to the previous episode nicely. Whereas the Star Beasts seemed stubborn before, you can now see their heroic sacrifice. They were the ones protecting the protectors and the Gingaman were willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to revive them.

vlcsnap-2013-02-17-18h32m56s238Was it a smart thing to do? Probably not. When you and four of your friends are the only things standing between the end of the world, your well-being should take precedence. This is what Moak believed and it’s why he was holding back on the secrets of the weapons. An older team probably would not have taken this risk I think, but because this team is so young, I don’t think the danger was really there in their mind as strongly as it should have been. After Yuta foils Sambash’s plans, the guy points a gun towards the kid. He’s saved right at the last moment because the team’s plan worked, but with if it didn’t? It’s one of those great questions with regards to heroes and what can be considered selfish in the line of duty.

I also enjoyed Sambash a ton during this episode, as I usually do. He’s starting to grow frustrated with his crew mates and I think he wants more recognition for what he does. No one seemed grateful at all towards him for having defeated the Star Beasts. He was annoyed throughout the entire episode and you’ve got to wonder whether this is going to influence the risks he takes for his crew in the future.


Now, for what didn’t work. The revival of the Star Beasts. As much as I hate to say it, I just didn’t feel the excitement the episode was going for when they appeared. The Silver forms of the Star Beasts never quite appealed to me. It’s almost as if they take everything I enjoy about their organic forms and strip them away. Add to that a robot design that I don’t like a lot, GingaiOh, I’m left feeling rather empty throughout the climax of the episode.

There’s all this fanfare going on over the revival of the Star Beasts and it just doesn’t have that great push it needs to work. One can argue it’s because of how overpowered GingaiOh has within him. He’s able to destroy the monster brothers in two moves! Two! A slash and a gun shot and the battle is over. I understand that GingaiOh is literally fueled by a planet, but I’m sure there was another way of making this battle seem more appealing. As it stands, this part of the episode was a huge let down.

Though, overall, it’s Gingaman and I can’t complain too much. I love some of the questions the show poses in what the true responsibility of the last line of defense should be – to the world at all costs, or to keep themselves alive to fight another day and defend the world, basically a greater good sort of scenario.