Unofficial Sentai Akibaranger Season Two (Pain)

More details regarding the second series of the unofficial Sentai continue to filter out, including new cast members.

akibranger-season-two-figuartsAn actress by the name of Sawada Shione will be replacing Kyoko Hinami’s Mitsuki Aoyagi character as the new AkibaBlue in the upcoming second season of the show as Iwashimizu Mitsuki. Ryo Horikawa, known in the anime world for being the voice of Andromeda Shun in Saint Seiya and Vegeta in Dragon Ball Z will portray a new character by the name of General Tsu. Tokusatsu fans will know Horikawa as Shinkenger’s Akumaro.

In additon to the casting news, it’s also been revealed that the Akibarangers themselves will have a new look. AkibaBlue and AkibaYellow will sport new hairstyles while AkibaRed’s new form includes a power up made to resemble his beloved Aoi.

The second season of the show following three fans of the Super Sentai series who use their delusional fantasies to become Rangers themselves will premiere on April 6th.