With Black Manta growing tired of waiting, Artemis and Megan need to find a way to wrap their plan up and get Megan out alive. Things grow ever more complicated when Sports Master and Cheshire step into the ring, seeking revenge.

YoungJustice Complications_01Kaldur’s healed and ready to go by the start of the episode, but Miss Martian is still in trouble. Artemis along with the two are stalling as much as they can, trying to think of a way to get Miss Martian out of her explosive collar alive. I want to say that it’s almost obvious she’s going to come out of it alive, but given this show’s history, you can never be sure who is actually safe. There’s some great emoting going on with Danica McKellar there as well. I couldn’t help but notice how worried and uncertain she seems of her fate.

I’m actually pretty surprised that Kaldur was healed up so fast, it was seeming like that something that might go on for a few more episodes. Now I’m hoping we’re going to get the entire original team come together one last time before the series ends. Is it likely? Probably not, but damn if I don’t want to see them together again one last time.

With Sports Master (which will always be the worst name ever) and Cheshire going in after Miss Martian and Black Manta for revenge, things get needlessly complicated. They’re a difficult pair of characters to figure out. They obviously feel…something for Artemis, Cheshire more so than Sports Master, she gave up the whole “revenge” thing when she learned her sister was alive, but that’s not all there is to them. It’s so clear that they’re going through all of this trouble because they’re more interested in regaining the good name of their family than doing anything for the memory of Artemis.

young-justice-complicationsThey’re difficult to figure out because you know they should feel something for Artemis, at least Cheshire. It’s just that the majority of their motivation is driven by their lust for battle and revenge. Sports Master was a horrible father though, so maybe there really isn’t more to him than that. He only seems to be truly proud of Artemis when he learns she’s deceiving other people.

There was so much development going on throughout this entire episode, to a pace I just didn’t expect. The episode was 95% focused on the Kaldur/Megan/Artemis story though, so there’s a ton of episodes worth of development going on there. I think another episode or two like this and the series will probably be able to finish out its stories without feeling as if there was no proper resolution.

This episode did have a bit of another focus though, however slight. Blue Beetle is trying to fool the others into thinking he had nothing to do with the attack that left the rest of the team kidnapped. By the end of the episode, everything is more or less out in the open thanks to Nightwing’s deductive skills. There is no way he doesn’t realize Blue’s a traitor at this point and it definitely looks like the lines are drawn. Oh, and also Blue appearing on TV and revealing his identity and thanking the Reach probably didn’t help matters.

young-justice-complications03Right now I’m just hoping that there aren’t too many more complications to make this series feel like it has to wrap up any more plots. We’ve already got three major angles going here and any more would really bog this series down – especially when you realize it probably would not be able to wrap everything up this season. At this point in the game, I think we’re going to start seeing everything sort of coalesce and give us that clear image we’ve been wanting. Or least that I’ve been wanting. The three major stories seem so independent from each other until you realize what’s going on. Everything is being driven by The Light and however unconnected they might seem, all the major developments are connected to that force from day one.