This week on Megaforce: more unsuccessful flirting. Also a giant bug or something.

Aoi Kurenai’s review
vlcsnap-2013-02-10-15h07m00s82Wow, now that episode was much better than the first. This show is able to do a lot more with these characters when they aren’t forced to shoehorn in an arsenal of toys. This episode’s focusing on Jake and Gia, and I kind of wish they get a lot of focus throughout the rest of the show. And Noah. The trio are fun to watch, they seem to play off each other very naturally in all their scenes together. Especially Jake and Gia. Jake’s the awkward, sorta shy guy around his crush…who happens to be very up front and outgoing.

It’s been said that Nick pushed Saban to make this series a little more…teeny in its presentation, and I don’t think I mind that at the moment. Jake’s endeavors to chase after Gia are cute and and heart-rending at the same time. I’m personally rooting for the two of them. They’re on such different ends of the spectrum though, so I’m not sure how well Jake might take rejection from her. I’m sure it’s something that will come into play later on in the series. It doesn’t seem like an angle that’s going to be dropped and forgotten.

Structurally speaking, my main gripe is that the show feels too formatted. The first few minutes of the show takes place at school, then the Rangers are drawn into a mysterious situation, and then there’s fighting for the rest of the episode. It bugs me a lot and is something I hope that the series breaks out of once it really starts moving. As it stands, Megaforce just doesn’t feel natural in its presentation. They’re obviously going the extra mile and making it seem like the characters have lives outside of being Rangers, but we’re not getting enough of that.

vlcsnap-2013-02-10-15h07m22s81I very much enjoyed the monster of the week, whose name seems to be Yuffo. Odd. There’s some nice detailing going on here. The monsters aren’t blindly attacking the humans, they’re studying them. How often is it that we get something like that in a series? It might just be a convenience due to how the monster was presented in Goseiger, but the production crew for Megaforce really made it work for them. Also, we’re told that Vrak is a member of a royal family in this episode, gee, I wonder what other villainous group is headed up by a royal family…

Thus far, Troy and Emma seem to be the weakest links. Neither of them have much of any personality to themselves and their actors just can’t do the job. Andrew Grey’s line delivery never quite does it for me. He always sounds bored or confused as to what emotion any given scene might call for. As a Red Ranger, it’s going to be rough following this guy since Reds typically are our main characters. Though, at the moment, Troy isn’t getting a ton of focus, which might suck in other situations, but as things stand, the less said, the better.

Emma is just…I’m not sure. She’s not actively bad, but there’s something about her that I don’t enjoy. Though, in suit? She does a pretty decent job of mimicking Eri’s mannerisms.

vlcsnap-2013-02-10-15h08m20s151It’s still too early to tell what sort of series Megaforce is going to be, but I can at least say I’m enjoying the episodes thus far. For the first time in three years, I’m actually enjoying Power Rangers and looking forward to the next week’s episodes. I’d still like to know why the Rangers are separated into groups based on three power sources. I’m not sure if this is something the show is going to bother to explain to us, which is a shame given how prominent those separations are.

(also, did you notice that drawing in the teacher’s room? Now that’s some nice foreshadowing)

Inui Takumi’s review

As Kurenai said, this was a good follow-up episode to the debut vlcsnap-2013-02-10-15h08m41s97of  Power Rangers Megaforce. If this wasn’t filmed months ago, I’d say that they’ve listened to a majority of our opinions since this episode focused on Gia and Jake (and to a lesser extent, Noah) and left Troy and Emma on the sidelines. And honestly, I’m glad they did.

Seeing Jake try to become close friends with

Gia is fun to see and something that everyone can relate too in some degree. The work great together as actors and their characters actually have some personality. Noah’s part in the show was also very interesting since he got to geek out on the type of research he’s into with Professor Goobly Moogly over there. We have a feeling that the Professor will find out their identities at some point just on how he acts and the research he does on the side. We’ll have to wait and see but I hope to see more scenes with Noah and the Professor since they share common traits and could lead to some amusing episodes in the future.

Speaking of research, I agree that its nice to see the studio play off of the Goseiger storyline in a way that doesn’t seem too forced. Having the bad guys research the human race and seeing how they adapt to each situation will make for some great bouts between them and the Megaforce team. My only gripe about this episode and how the Rangers dealt with the monster was that they used no science at all to defeat it, despite it being a science-themed episode. I remember that in some of the old MMPR episode, whenever they faced a complex monster or whenever it was a Billy-focused episode, he would come up with a device or plan in order to defeat them. I was sort of hoping that Noah would use his knowledge to defeat the monster, rather than just use terms like “experiment” while he was delivering fatal blows to it. But its still early so we may very well get episodes like that. I just think that this was a great opportunity to change up the tactics of the team.

vlcsnap-2013-02-10-15h07m52s129While we’re on the subject of Noah, I still find it weird how disconnected his character in-suit is with his character out-of-suit. In school, he’s the smart and quirky guy, a bit timid in how he reacts to things and not at all a fighter. But, as soon as he transforms, he’s as confident as can be, coming in at the last minute to save the day with a shot from his Shark Bow Gun. I guess it’s hard to fit that character into the Goseiger footage since Hyde/GoseiBlue is a loner and very tactical in his approach to battle. This is a problem that the show will have to overcome or explain away at some point, since they all seemed to be paired up solely because of the Goseiger footage and not because of their interactions to one another. Well, except for Gia and Jake, they totally got it right on that part.

And as far as pairings go, Troy and Emma are the least likely to pair up, it seems. In the suit battles, they are looking after each other and interacting like they know each other (obviously because of Alata and Eri from Goseiger). But outside of that, they literally haven’t had a scene together yet. In this episode, when they are called to action Troy and Emma off on their own and turn back to help out. I’m honestly surprised that they know each other’s names at this point. Once again, though, I’m sure they’ll find a reason for them to interact, it just isn’t apparent at all at this point. And the mediocre to bad acting on their part doesn’t help much.

Episode 2 was a bit better paced than episode one and that’s for the best. Even though it was a Jake and Gia-focused episode, I wish that more time was allotted for them to act together. They had a lot of time before the fight starts, but after that, they sort of hold off on all of it till the very last shot. Other than that, I thought it was a fun episode and I’m looking forward to episode 3. Power Rangers is interesting again! Whooo!