The most recent episode of the microseries, Ultra Zero Fight, features the surprising return of one of Zero’s greatest enemies.

Episode seven of Ultra Zero Fight’s second arc aired last week and featured a surprise character appearance by none other than Ultraman Belial himself. Belial is the enemy from Ultra Galaxy Legends and Ultraman Zero the Movie.  Comedian Hiroyuki Miyasako returns to voice the character, sporting the legendary Armored Darkness introduced in Ultraman Mebius.

Ultra Zero Fight is a microseries airing at the end of Ultraman Retsuden, an anthology series featuring select episodes from the entire franchise. Each episode of Ultra Zero Fight airs for about three minutes. The series is an update to Ultra Fight, a show that featured Ultra Seven in the 70s that had no real story to speak of during its run. The update does boast a story featured throughout the episodes. The current story involves Zero’s mission to save the rest of the Ultimate Force Zero after they’ve been turned to stone by a group of mysterious generals from a dark army.