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Kyoryuger Villains

Here is the latest promo for Juuden Sentai Kyoryuger with our first footage of the enemies for the show!

Toei just uploaded a short promo to their YouTube channel and for the most part its shots that we’ve seen before. But, aside from a few new shots of the Kyoryuger posing together, we get our first look at the new villains of the season, the Dark Species Devos, in action. Well, not in action since they’re just standing in their evil lair, but we do get to see the suits in motion rather than in magazine pictures. We’ve seen glimpses of them in previous promos but this is our first complete shot of them all together. They seem a lot more colorful than we’ve had in recent shows, which is a cool change and something that works well with the vibrant designs of the Kyoryuger themselves.