akiba_splashAn update on the official Akibaranger blog has revealed the title for the upcoming sequel to Akibaranger as well as a few details regarding the upcoming season.

Last year we saw the premiere of Unofficial Sentai Akibaranger, a parody of the Sentai genre featuring three characters who are all Super Sentai fans in a world much like our own. The show ran for 13 episodes and due to popular demand, a second series has been announced. Titled Unofficial Sentai Akibaranger Season Two, where the kanji for “Two” can also be read as “paid”, the series will continue the adventures of super fan, Nobuo Akagi, also known as AkibaRed. In addition to the title, the blog post gave a couple of hints about the new season.

The series will featured modified suits for the core Rangers – which is heavily rumored to feature a new Ranger, AkibaWhite. Kyoko Hinami, AkibaBlue, is reported as unavailable for the season and will be replaced by a new member to the team. The season’s second half will also take place in a different city’s version of Akibaranger. In addition, a new version of the Itashaa Robo will appear.

source: akibaranger blog