An episode like this makes me realize just how much I think Young Justice should continue. It doesn’t necessary need to continue, no, but it can support it.

2842207-874_online_bYoungJusticeInvasionRunaways03The wonderful thing about Young Justice is that is has this wide cast of main characters, each very rich in story and personality when given the chance to shine. Although we’ve seen them before, this is the first time any of the runaway characters were given a full episode to be the stars, and they made it their own. They’re a clashing bunch of characters that don’t work well with each other at times, but they get the job done.

And the best part? They’re not really these random additions to the series out of nowhere like other characters. These guys were necessitated by the Reach plot and now they’ve become an integral part of the story. Despite this being just the first episode any one of them had major screen time, their presence has been felt for many episodes and their importance has been building.

I’m having one of those odd moments of realization that I had with Kamen Rider Double. We’re in the end game and we realize that, holy crap, everything that’s been kappening since the series began and up to now actually happened for a reason. You can literally trace back all the major events and characters to the start of the series. Yes, it does make for a very serialized show you need to be on top of to keep up with, but that matters not. When a show is this good, you want to watch every episode of it.

young-justice-invasionAs I’m sure everyone knows by now, Young Justice and Green Lantern the Animated Series were both canceled in the last few days. I’m not sure why though, they’re both great shows with great ratings. Can’t at least a few hours a week be dedicated to action cartoons? Not just action cartoons, but smart, well written, cohesive stories! These are some of the best shows on TV, cartoon or not, and they deserve that recognition.

Even when it comes down to Green Beetle, who, by the way, is evil, it works. Though now I have to wonder what it was that he showed Miss Martian to make her believe he was good. Some sort of mind control maybe? Either way, my suspicions were right and Jamie is under full control of the Reach at this moment, unfortunately.

I get the feeling that this season will end with the culmination of Jamie’s story, which is great because it’s also setting up the third generation of heroes in this show. And even though they’ll be a new bunch of characters, you feel that connection to the older bunch. With Invasion, we were supposed to be thrust into this different world, five years off from the previous episode. I think a potential third season could still do a time skip, but also use it to support a sense of familiarity with Invasion.

Also, who would have ever figured that it would be 2013 and we would be watching Static freakin’ Shock in a new cartoon? And I love the redesigns going on for the rest of the new bunch – and I know just how much people love Asami’s communication problems. I’m just glad she started saying something other than “excuse me” in Japanese.

YoungJusticeInvasionRunaways07And since these posts tend to be the most viewed, I’m putting out a plea for any interested parties. Every Saturday and Sunday, tweet #SaveYJandGLTAS as much as you can, especially from 10AM to 11 AM eastern American time. By doing so, we’re hoping to give Cartoon Network the message that shows like this have an audience – which, for some reason, they don’t realize from their great ratings. We managed to make it the number one trending topic in the United States this Saturday, let’s do it again as much as possible.