A longer version of the official story, as quoted from Toei’s website.

Mighty. Dragon. People. These are the warriors known as the People of the Mighty Dragons, the Kyojiryu no Sha – Kyoryuger.

Long ago, the Dark Species Devos came to earth and fought in raging battles against the dinosaurs of that era. Wise God Torin selected 10 dinosaurs and placed their essence into the mechanical forms called the Electric Dragons. In this form, the dinosaurs were strong enough to fight Devos away, freezing him in ice and sinking him to the bottom of the sea.

Millions of years pass.

To carry out the will of Master Devos, his generals have revived and begun their plans. They wish to steal the souls of humans and offer them to Devos. The sky once again blackens as humanity’s ice age is about to begin – their extinction!

To battle this threat, Wise God Torin seeks out champions of the modern era, the People of the Mighty Dragons. Torin finds these people and grants them a battle against the Electric Dragons – those who win will be granted the power of a Kyoryuger.

With Torin as their leader, the Kyoryuger head into battle!

The voice cast for suited characters is as follows:

Torin – Toshiyuki Morikawa

Chaos – Takayuki Sugou
Candelilla – Haruka Tomatsu
Dogold – Satoshi Tsuruoka
Aigaron – Yuu Mizushima
Luckyuro – Ai Orikasa

Pictures from the upcoming issue of Terebi magazine have also surfaced. There isn’t a lot of new information, but we do get an explanation regarding the transformations. The rangers set their Beast Batters into their guns, dance, then press the trigger and transform.