While undercover, Artemis must stop Simon from uncovering Kaldur’s secrets and forces Miss Martian into her clutches. Elsewhere, Green Beetle tries to prove his allegiance to the team as he reveals his secrets and begins working on Blue Beetle’s scarab.

345-873_still_1If this episode taught me anything, it’s that things are going to be hitting the fan pretty soon. Miss Martian is able to use her psychic link with Artemis to read her thoughts and go along with the plan, but not before a bomb is strapped to her neck. Thankfully she’s making progress in restoring Kaldur, but it’s not going to be finished anytime soon and it looks like Black Manta has no intention of keeping her alive once the job is done.

It would also seem that Artemis might be starting to crack. While undercover, she’s been alone, save for Kaldur, but he doesn’t have time to indulge her needs. The episode even opens up with her lamenting over her identity, wondering how much longer she can keep herself sane. I guess I can sort of understand, everyone around her is treating her differently because, well, she isn’t Artemis to them, but it’s still a little odd. She knows who she is and that camo stone doesn’t work on herself, so she can clearly see she’s Artemis and not the person the others see.

345-873_Still_2Though it feels like I can say this with nearly episode, this show is really starting to heat up. Secrets are coming out and both La’gaan and Superboy know about Nightwing’s plan – though La’gaan has no idea just how spectacularly bad things have gone. Superboy was able to guess something was amiss, but kept it to himself until he was alone with Nightwing, knowing how frustrated the entire truth would make La’gaan. The guy’s really shown a ton of growth from the smash first, ask questions later character we knew earlier on in the series.

We’ve got a little more time with Green Beetle and, according to Miss Martian, he’s on their side, but I’m not so sure about that yet. She probes his mind to prove it, but the viewer never sees what she saw. All we have to go on is her word. At the end of the episode we do learn that Green Beetle has managed to fix Jamie’s problem, or at least give him complete control over the blue scarab, but it all seems too…coincidental? It would be too perfect for a character to arrive this late in the game and have all the answers. I’m still in the camp that doesn’t trust Green Beetle at all.

And, you know what? Despite Green Beetle coming in with less than ten episodes to go in the show, he’s turning out to be a pretty well rounded character. The show is wasting no time giving him focus and making him important to the story, casting him in a bit of mystery as well. I really hate saying this because of how much I want more Young Justice in the future but, if this show ends at episode 46? I’m fully confident that Greg Weisman and his crew can keep it together and give us a complete story.

2828765-345_873_still_5So, overall, another great episode. We get to see Deathstroke in action again and, man, he is the coolest villain. He wastes no time taking names and gets the job done efficiently. I was hesitant when they introduced him, if only because of how…violent his character can be and because, unlike Teen Titans, this show plays things more seriously 90% of the time, so I was fearing some sort of neutered version of the character. Thankfully, he’s there in all his glory.

Also, that commercial early on in the episode? Amazing. It’s so bizarre that humans are that trusting of the Reach aliens when the Justice League has been around for years helping mankind.

Also, for your visual enjoyment, here’s Green Beetle trying to smile!