june2A product page on the Japanese version of Amazon has revealed that Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters will return in June, months after the end of its TV series.

juneAlthough there are only three episodes left to go before Kyoryuger replaces it, the TV finale of Go-Busters won’t be the end of the story. This June, a direct to video production (V-Cinema) continuing the story of the Go-Busters will be released. Before they premiered in theaters, many of the Super Sentai team up movies were released directly to video after the most recent series had ended and took place within the time frame of the series. There have been just two movies produced after the completion of the series’ story before this – 2010’s Shinkenger Returns: Special Act and 2011’s Goseiger Returns: Last Epic. Spurred by the massive popularity of the 2009 Sentai series, Samurai Sentai Shinkenger, Shinkenger Returns was released direct to video in 2010 and topped the Oricon DVD charts upon its first week of release.

Despite obtaining historic low ratings for a Sentai series, Go-Busters will be one of just three series to have some sort of continuation to its story upon release. The currently untitled feature is slated for a June release, we’ll bring more details as they develop.

source: amazon, ORICON