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008At a presentation held on January 23rd, Bushiroad, the company behind the hit anime Cardfight!! Vanguard, announced they’re stepping into the tokusatsu ring with their newest show, Fire Leon!

06Fire Leon is said to be a love song to all Local Heroes produced in Japan. A Local Hero is a hero created with imagery indicative of various cities or areas throughout Japan. There are many local heroes and many even have locally produced TV shows. Many Local Heroes will appear alongside Fire Leon in the upcoming series, showing love for the various areas they represent as well as the country as a whole.

Joining the Local Heroes will be members of the New Japan Pro-Wrestling Federation as guest appearances throughout the series.

Fire Leon, the lead character, is modeled off of Chojin Naider and Ryujin Mabuyar, two of the most prolific Local Hero characters. Ryujin Mabuyar was turned into a movie last year featuring DA PUMP’s ISSA (Kamen Rider Faiz opening, Kamen Rider the FIRST and NEXT themes) as one of the lead characters.

08In addition to the brand new TV series, Bushiroad, known for their popular card games, is will be creating a brand new tokusatsu card game featuring Local Heroes.

The series will star pro-wrestler Kazuchika Okada and is slated to begin airing in the spring – likely sometime in April.

source: cnet Japan