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A glimpse at a proof-of-concept trailer for a fully-digital movie directed by Koichi Sakamoto.

With the upcoming season of Sentai, Juuden Sentai Kyoryuger, fastly approaching its debut and with the continually increasing popularity of Koichi Sakamoto, it reminded us of a little project of his that popped up around mid-2011 that sparked interest among the fandom for a while before it was left on the back-burner. The movie was called REBELLIONS and was meant to take place in a world completely CG created. With the success of the movieĀ Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legends which also consisted of all CG sets, there was confidence in Koichi’s ability to immerse the viewer into a world even if the actors are standing in front of a green screen the whole time.

Of course, it would have his signature fight choreography and with fan favorite Nao Nagasawa, who will also be guest starring in Kyoryuger, and Minami Tsukui starring in the feature, it would have been an awesome movie to see. I’m guessing it got put aside after Koichi started to get offers to do more Tokusatsu shows, but it would be great to see this come back in some form. It looked like an interesting concept from the making of videos in the same channel.

Click the video below to check out the trailer.