The Reach are quickly gaining worldwide fame after partnering with Lex Luthor and creating what appears to be an agricultural revolution. The Justice League and the team continue to lose favor with the public and send a team in to investigate this so called revolution by stealing a sample of an additive.

Episode 37: True Colors

YJ1The episode opens up with two team members swimming through an odd yellow water system. We soon find out that they’re actually inside of Jamie, having shrunken down. They’re attempting to remove the Scarab once and for all, but it’s defenses make this almost impossible. I’m loving the follow up on the last few episodes here. It’s clear that while everything involving the Reach is at the forefront, no one’s forgetting the importance of the Scarab’s removal from Jamie. I almost sort of wish it worked, if only because the procedure looks painful. Thick needled to the back? Ouch.

Nightwing sends Robin out to lead a mission along with Blue Beetle, Impulse, and Arsenal. For as far as he’s come, this Robin is still very trepidations over leading a team, but he does an okay job of it. It’s neat to see that Tim carries on the Robin tradition of being a sneak during missions and managing to slip off without telling anyone. He’s definitely got the skills to back him, Tim just needs the confidence now and I have to wonder what’s going to push him into being a confident hero once and for all.

yj2This episode marks Arsenal’s first outing as a member of the team. For those needing a fresher – Arsenal is the real Roy Harper. He’s got the same chip on his shoulder that his clone managed to pick up over the years. It’s rather odd, considering he hasn’t been awake for too long and was actually missing for about four years before the start of the series, so he probably hasn’t had a ton of time to become jaded. I’m guessing the whole…being asleep for eight years and having your mentor and friends give up on finding you…thing must have played a huge part in bringing him up to speed as world weary.

So, all things considered, it probably wasn’t the best idea to bring Arsenal along for the ride. He does need to stretch his legs and get back out into the world, but I don’t think a covert mission was the right place to try that. He blows the mission for the team and they’re just lucky that Lex didn’t go to the press with the news. With the public’s opinion of superheroes at an all time low, it would be the demoralizing blow that could really hurt the team’s efforts.

(though seeing his new weapons was pretty awesome)


That said! I can’t imagine there was any other way they were going to find Green Beetle if that mission hadn’t gone to absolute hell. I’m not too sold on this guy being on their side just yet though, he comes in at a very convenient moment for the team and gives them just enough help to get their asses out of there. That aside, I love his character design. In fact, I love all of the new scarab beetle designs. There’s an awesome stealthy and futuristic aesthetic to them. I’m honestly surprised there aren’t toys made out of these guys, they’ve definitely got the potential.

At this point, it’s becoming clear that this half of the series has no main character and I’m enjoying that a lot. There’s a constant shifting of perspectives because of that and it helps the series to avoiding becoming stale. The biggest benefit there has to be that, despite having so many characters, no one feels left out. We’ve had Impulse get a few episodes to himself, Blue Beetle, and now Robin and Arsenal are having their go at it. Though, I do wish Robin’s turn had come much earlier.

yja5Let’s not forget the villains though! Even though the team took a majority of the spotlight, the baddies weren’t completely out in the dark. This episode follows up on the idea that Kaldur killed Artemis and that it looked very real. Sportsmaster wants revenge for his dead daughter and wants to kill either Kaldur or Black Manta, but no one within The Light is willing to let that happen and so we see the end of Sportsmaster’s partnership with the team of baddies…and the introduction of Deathstroke! I’ve been waiting for this moment! While he didn’t do a whole lot this episode, he showed that he’s clearly capable of facing off with strong opponents without breaking a sweat.

And it also seems that Black Manta isn’t okay with his son being brain dead, so Savage has brought someone in to help retrieve his memories and restore his son to consciousness. You can probably guess a couple of huge secrets are going to come out once that whole process is finished and I can’t wait to see the results. (brainwashed Kaldur maybe?)

All said, another great episode for the series. We’ve got Green Beetle helping the team out and it looks like that ending’s going to lead to maybe a version of the team that’s working with The Light? It’s going to be cool to see different young heroes clashing with each other if that’s the case. With this series drawing closer to its end (unless it’s renewed), I have to imagine that this is likely to be one of those defining battles for itself.