The Japanese source has returned with a couple of new info bites.

The pilot episode was finished filming around Christmas, taking longer than usual to film a first episode. The staff are hard at work doing their best to portray an invasion plot in global scale, with the first episode having a familiar yet different sort of setting for a Sentai series. Even though the series is said to incorporate a fantastical style in comparison to Go-Busters, it’s said that the backgrounds of each character involves various sorts of drama. KyoryuBlack is said to have a history very reminiscent of GoseiBlue, having supposedly lost friends during the invasion in Europe. KyoryuBlack’s name might also be Ian Kirkland.

The official site for the series opened up a few days ago as well. At the moment the only piece of information talks about the Go-Busters appearing at the press announcement with the new team.