Well I guess it’s a good thing that the world didn’t end today (well, not yet anyway!) because a couple of new pictures of the cast of Power Rangers Megaforce have just surfaced. Hit the link to check them out!

Power-Force-Holiday-Gift-Megaforce-at-School  Megaforce 2

The first picture is courtesy of Keith Justice over at Henshin Justice Unlimited and it shows the team in civilian clothes in a high school hallway. Rumors are that they will be attending the same school that the original Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers team attended with a few “substitute teachers” thrown into the mix. This could be how Jason David Frank will be involved in the show, since its rumored that he’ll be back for this season among others. The second picture is courtesy of our new Red Ranger himself, Andrew Gray, which is basically just them posing outside. Not too much to gleam from these pictures, but at least its something to help us speculate about the new season.

Sources: Henshin Justice Unlimited, Andrew Gray’s Facebook