So anyone remember that Chinese toksuatsu by the name of Giant War God Attack Force? Well we’ve got an easier name to go with now and it seems like the show has finally hit the airwaves in China! 


You can find the  first episode here and it’s…an interesting watch. It’s not entirely bad, but it’s so obvious that a lot of the crew is probably pretty new to tokusatsu filming and fights in general.

So, how about some initial impressions on the first episode!

Inui Takumi: Aside from the horrifically sung opening theme song, I’d say this is a decent attempt at another tokusatsu series from China. Obviously since it isn’t subbed, I couldn’t tell exactly what was going on. But the general feel of the show seems very comedic, with lots of arguments and banter between the three members.

From the looks of it, Kong Ah/Search God Red seems like the anxious and immature leader, while Neng Ah/Search God Green is the level-headed and mature one. And Jing Ah/Search God Blue is just….I don’t know, she cooks? I couldn’t get a good read of her character from this episode. And most of the time at the base they showed her cooking. Hence….she cooks.

The suits and the action were very interesting to see. The suits themselves look almost of the same material as the Go-buster suits. But they also have the thin and shiny feel of the Fourze Elec States suit. Either way, its a pretty interesting design and a mesh of those two franchises. As far as the action goes, its interesting to see that because it is their take on a Japanese tokusatsu, a lot of the fights seem to have the rhythm of its Japanese counterpart. Like with the Armor Hero series, I half expect toku shows from China to have the same fast-paced and intricate fight scenes that Hong Kong martial arts movies have. But, I guess since the suits are quite limiting in both movement and vision, its hard to pull off those types of moves so often. There is a reason that tokusatsu action in Japan is the way it is for the most part, its a tried and true method to make cool action scenes under extreme conditions. But, they do manage to pull of some pretty badass moves that remind you of where this is being made.

Though I was disappointed that the actors themselves didn’t seem to know a lick of martial arts. But that is the state of our generation, I guess. More pop-idols in action TV/movies than actual martial artists.

The mech battles, oddly enough, were at the beginning of the episode which was refreshing to see, I guess. But it kind of felt disconnected from the rest of the show. The mech design looked pretty cool and the monster looked like your standard toku fair. Miniatures ended up being a bit lacking but you gotta give this crew a bit of slack since it seems like this is their first go at it.

All in all, this could be an interesting watch. Would be cool if this got a proper sub like Doremii did with Armor Hero. But for now, I’ll be keeping watch of these streams.