Long time Sentai suit actor turned action director Hirofumi Fukuzawa might not be returning to Kyoryuger in the same capacity.

It’s been rumored that Takeshi Miyazaki, head action director from Kamen Rider Ryuki through Den-O and Kamen Rider Decade through Fourze, will be the action director for Juuden Sentai Kyoryuger. We’ve learned from a Japanese source that red suit actor turned action director on Go-Busters, Hirofumi Fukuzawa, won’t be returning for Kyoryuger in the same capacity. Since 2001’s Gaoranger, Fukuzawa served as suit actor for the Red in every Sentai except Magiranger and Goseiger. This could mean anything from his return to the world of suit acting as a Red to him being absent from the franchise for a year. If true, this while be the first time Miyazaki serves as head action director for Sentai as well as his first time back on Sentai since 1999’s Kyukyu Sentai Go-Go-V. Once again, it looks like Toei’s continuing the trend of bringing on people from Kamen Rider to serve as staff as Sentai.