Thanks to the people over at Big Bad Toy Store, we now have full images from the the first quarter Kyoryuger catalog available to us, giving us a peek at higher quality photos of the team as well as their arsenal. Let’s get the ball rolling!


First up is the bike, called a Dino Chaser, along with a better look at the Kyoryuger suit. The bike is composed of two smaller dinosaurs called JuuDenRyu.


Next up are three of the mecha, Parasagan, and Zactor, belonging to Black and Green, as well as what seems to be the first of the additional robots, Ankydora.


Finally we have KyoryuJin, the main robot of the series. The robot is composed of Gabutyra, Stegochi (blue), and Dricera (pink). As noted in a previous article, it’s capable of playing samba music as well as saying various phrases when a new piece is attached. It looks like the various mecha quite literally bite onto Gabutyra to form the main robot.

In addition to all of this, it looks like Beast Batteries are modeled after the Gaia Memories.