Been wanting to check out some of Ishinomori’s original manga that inspired various tokusatsu shows? Comixology wants to make it easier and cheaper than ever!

Going on until the 9th of December, you can buy digital copies of the first volumes of Skull Man, Kamen Rider, Inazuma, and Kikaider for just 99 cents each at Comixology. Each volume contains somewhere in the neighborhood of 200 pages and is completely translated. The volumes typically sale for about $5USD, but this sale gives everyone the chance to take a risk free look at some of Ishinomori’s classic manga series. Kamen Rider, Inazuma, and Kikaider are the accompanying manga for their respective tokusatsu shows while Skull Man is one of the various early ideas for Kamen Rider. Don’t worry about these comics being simple retreads of the original shows, most of Ishinomori’s manga contain totally different stories to their tokusatsu counterparts.

So if you’ve got a few bucks to spare, why not take a shot and show support for some officially translated Ishinomori and tokusatsu manga? I grabbed volume one of Inazuman (since I already own physical copies of Kamen Rider and Kikaider) and am loving the heck out of it so far,  it’s nothing at all like its tokusatsu counterpart.