So we’ve got a bit of new info and a new picture available.

kyoryugerlogoThe information on the next Sentai, Juuden Sentai Kyoryuger, has finally started to come out! At 9:30 AM on December 6th, Bandai held a presentation for its retailers and revealed details about the upcoming series. In addition to talking about the new show, they also talked about the current show, Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters. The president of Bandai admitted that Go-Busters has been a disappointment, falling short of its goals. Reasons sighted are the dark and dramatic story lines that make the series unappealing to the core audience. In response, Bandai and Toei are taking the safe route and doing a show completely different from Go-Busters. They’re promising a “light” show about strong characters and action with a lot of fun. Koichi Sakamoto’s kinetic action style is most definitely suited for this.

Now, what have we learned so far about Kyoryuger? Well, for one, the mecha are going to have a Zyuranger aesthetic. There’s also going to be a unique formation system. Though there are five mecha altogether, only three of them are used to form the main robot, KyoryuJin, in a bit of an homage to DaiZyuJin. The remaining pieces will form additional limbs for the combination. KyoryuJin will be voiced by veteran anime voice actor Shigeru Chiba (Kuwabara in Yu Yu Hakusho, Raditz in Dragon Ball Z).

The series will pick up the trend dropped by Go-Busters and have a collectable trinket as the main draw of the toy line. To play with the “juuden” battery motif, the collectable items this year are JuuDenchi batteries – toys in the form of batteries. They’re charged up with “dino power” and used for attacks. When attacks are performed, iconic samba music is played by the weapons kyo2and other toys, it’s also been said that other, more Western sounding music will be played.

Also evident is the color combination, initial leaks proposed that the color scheme wouldn’t be revolutionary, but it would use a never before seen lineup. For the first time since Dengeki Sentai Changeman, way back in 1986, and only just the third time in Sentai history, there will be no yellow-colored Ranger. Instead, we’re treated to heavily yellow patterned chest armor on the team. Also of note is the apparent return to spandex in some form. Go-Busters traded in spandex for leather, a change of suit material for the first time in over 30 years. It appears that we might have a combination of leather on the torsos and spandex on the legs here. Perhaps to accommodate the stunt actors. We’ll have to wait on higher quality pictures to judge that aspect of the suits.

The key item in the series is known as the Beast Battery. The Beast Batteries are charged up and contained Dinosaur Soul that the Rangers use to charge the various weapons with. Using the Gaburevolver (Bitrevolver) the heroes are able to transform into Juuden Sentai Kyoryuger. Whenever almost any action is carried out, including transformations and attacks, a samba style tune is played. Each member of the team also has a dinosaur partner of their own. The pairs are Red and Gabutryra, Black and Parasagan, Green and Zactor, Blue and Tricera, and Pink and Tricera. This makes our first dinosaur Sentai in where pink isn’t represented and our first Ranger themed after a Velociraptor.

Keep checking back with us as more information on the newest Sentai, Juuden Sentai Kyoryuger, begins to roll out!

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