Here’s all the information available regarding Kyoryuger at the moment. Stick around, pictures are sure to come in the following hours.

– We’ve got confirmation from a Twitter user who works at a shop in Akihabara that a meeting will be held (that she’s attending) at Bandai headquarters at 9:30 AM Japanese time. The next Precure and Sentai will officially be revealed at this meeting.

– The Twitter user has managed to get an early look at the catalogs. She describes the new designs as weird.

– This year’s collectables are toy batteries that make samba noises.

– The mecha looks a lot like the Zyuranger stuff.

– After they launch an attack, a samba jingle plays on the toys.

– Five mecha total.

– The main robot is three pieces.

– The mecha is one main body piece and two arms.

– Colors are red, black, green, blue, pink. No yellow ranger for the first time since Changeman.

– Only one female member.

– According to the president of Bandai, Go-Busters didn’t perform as hoped and so Kyoryuger is going to be “light” and “fun” compared to Go-Busters’ “dark” motif.

– The characters are called “strong” and Bandai promises a fun atmosphere for the show.

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