It won’t be long now before we get our first glimpses at Juuden Sentai Kyoryuger, so we’ll be live updating this thread as the night goes on. Stick with us through the night for the latest updates on the upcoming Sentai!

– We’ve got confirmation from a Twitter user who works at a shop in Akihabara that a meeting will be held (that she’s attending) at Bandai headquarters at 9:30 AM Japanese time. The next Precure and Sentai will officially be revealed at this meeting.

– The Twitter user has managed to get an early look at the catalogs. She describes the new designs as weird.

– This year’s collectables are toy batteries that  make samba noises.

– The mecha looks a lot like the Zyuranger stuff.

– After they launch an attack, a samba jingle plays on the toys.

– Five mecha total.

– The main robot is three pieces.

– The mecha is one main body piece and two arms.