There’s only one episode left before the dino fantasy comes to an end. 



[神が負けた!!] Kami ga Maketa!!
The Fall of the Gods!!
Writer: Noboru Sugimura

DaiZyujin is able to hold Dora Talos off with a blast to the face, giving it enough time to get back on its feet. Dragon Caesar jumps in to help but is unable to do anything and soon has its tail cut off but Talos. Using a powerful spell, Bandora overcomes the two giants and transports and seemingly kills them. Before their bodies wither away, DaiZyuJin makes the Rangers escape, leaving them without any means of fighting Talos. Traveling through the city, the team sees nothing but ruin, destruction, and suffering. Satoshi’s mother calls Geki to the hospital, where they learn the boy has all but given up on fighting to hold onto life, knowing King Brachion is dead, and the eggs along with him. Lami and Griffozar attack Geki and Mei outside the hospital, but the rest of the team appears before long and even the odds when the two enemies bring out the Golems. As the team tries to transform, they realize they’ve lost that ability without any of the Guardian Beasts around. Back at her palace, Bandora tries to hug her son again and again the boy evades her. He tells her bluntly that he doesn’t belong to her anymore. Since Great Satan revived him, he is now the devil’s child. The team make a break for it and manage to escape, but a sense of despair is setting over them. In their darkest hour, Burai appears and gives the team hope, telling them that the Guardian Beasts haven’t been killed, they’ve merely been taken to a different dimension. Burai shows the team a way into the dimension through a door, but warns them that they musn’t lose sight of their mission otherwise they’ll be lost within the dimension forever. Mei and Boi stay behind while the others go on into the dimension, tied to bungee rope that Mei and Boi will look after. Within the strange dimension, the trio is attacked by ghosts of monsters they’ve defeated in the past. They realize that they can’t hurt the ghosts, but the ghosts are more than capable of hurting them. A hole then opens up in the floor, swallowing up Geki and Dan, leaving Goushi to take the brunt of the attacks while he desperately tries to hold onto the rope. Back in the human world, the rope breaks from the spot it was secured to and Mei and Boi race to grab it before losing their only way of saving their friends.

Yup. That’s a pretty awesome episode. Despite what the last episode would have you believe, things can get a whole lot worse for our heroes. Without their Guardian Beasts and the ability to transform, they’ve started to lose hope. Geki’s blaming himself for everything and there’s some real despair setting in. I love seeing this side to the team, if only because they can be pretty bland in regular episodes. Seeing our heroes face such odds and not knowing how they’re going to deal with it is pretty fundamental, I think, and that’s not something that’s been too present in this series before. This is when I think Zyuranger is at its best. Being able to humanize the team and give them fears and doubts makes a little more interesting and makes this a great set up for the finale. I like seeing heroes beaten down and then being able to overcome the odds with their personalities in tact and that’s something Zyuranger is proving very capable of doing.

Burai’s apperance in this episode was kind of out there, but not too surprising. Given everything that’s happened in this series, it isn’t too odd to imagine someone from the dead can impart wisdom on the team. I kind of love that the door to the other dimension is literally just a door. Just a door. Not a portal or something hidden a temple, just a modern day door. Anywho. Burai’s screen time in this episode was much appreciated. It’s great to know that, even in death, he’s still looking out for his brother and trying to guide him through his darkest hours. It wasn’t too long ago that Geki was trying to do that for his brother when they initially met and Burai still bore the grudge against his brother. These two have come such a long way.

The cliffhanger for the finale is intense, but not as remarkable as the previous episode’s cliffhanger. In the last episode, I was literally unable to think of any way the team would get out of trouble. Their Guardian Beasts were proving ineffective and even if they did win, Dora Talos would simply be revived again. It was a real edge of your seat cliffhanger. Not so much here. We know that the Guardian Beasts are still out there and even though tough Geki and Dan are tumbling down a pit in a strange dimension, there’s still that light at the end of the tunnel. I like that there’s a clear and defined mission now, but it sort of takes away some of the mystery of wonder just what’s going to happen. That said, it’s still not a terrible cliffhanger. You don’t know how the team, specifically the three in the other dimension, are going to get out of the immediate jam that they’re in.

On the villain’s front, Kai continues to be an unlikable prick. I would actually feel bad for Bandora if she wasn’t such a villain herself. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to forgive her for driving that one monster crazy with grief over the loss of her eggs and making it attack the team. You just can’t come back from that in my eyes. The bonds of motherhood are pretty strong in this series, it seems pretty symbiotic with the idea that the team is dealing with kids nearly every week because so much of what these kids do if often for their mothers more often than not in this series. Well, when it isn’t for personal reasons.

It’s crunch time for the team and only one episode remains. They’ve fought a long and hard battle with Bandora and her forces. We’re at the end of the line next time with the final episode in the series and a battle 170 million years in the making.