Well the world’s ending today, that’s a thing. 

[闇からの息子] Yami Kara no Musuko
The Dark Son
Writer: Noboru Sugimura

The battle against Dora Talos begins and all seems hopeless for the team even with the help of Dragon Caesar. Just as they’re about to pull out their trump card and use King Brachion, Barza appears, warning the team not to call the Guardian Beast. The entire attack was simply a trap to bring King Brachion out into the open and kill it with the dinosaur eggs. Despite the danger, King Brachion appears on its own and Ultimate DaiZyuJin is formed. The team place all of their trust in King Brachion when it orders them to attack Dora Talos and, rather than completely destroying it, the head is removed, freeing the captive children. Unfortunately, Bandora uses this moment to sink King Brachion into the depths of the planet, along with the dinosaur eggs. Back at their lair, Barza tells the team what he’s learned from the Dino Revelation. The eggs were the key to the continued existence of the Guardian Beasts. Should the eggs be destroyed, the Guardian Beasts themselves would cease to exist. Everyone also learns that Kai is Bandora’s son and that Bandora herself was a queen of one of the ancient kingdoms in the past. When her son was killed by a dinosaur, she sold her soul to the devil to destroy all of the dinosaurs and thus Bandora was born. At her palace, Bandora wonders whether or not she and Kai can be a family again once their job is done. Kai brushes the idea off and tells his mother to summon Great Satan, which she does. Using his powers, Great Satan revives Dora Talos and the team heads into battle once again. Without King Brachion, the team is no match for the great robot Dora Monster and soon DaiZyuJin finds itself armless and on its back with a spear in its face.

Now that is how you start moving a finale along! There’s drama all around and we even have the revelation that Bandora herself has a bit of a tragic past. This is one of those things you wonder about all series long. Does Bandora hate kids because she’s a witch and that’s what they do? No. She hates kids because she just doesn’t want any kid to be happy after the death of her son. Her side of the equation is pretty tragic, but Kai is kind of a jerk in the flashbacks. I’m by no means arguing that he deserved to die, but he was a jerk. The only reason he got that dinosaur angry was because he destroyed its eggs. There’s one big circle of overly vengeful mothers going on in this series, isn’t there?

The rest of the episode has to deal with the team reacting to everything that’s going on and, all things considered, they’re doing fairly well. Well, up until DaiZyuJin had its arm cut off, that’s probably not going to help anything at all. It’s interesting to learn that the dinosaur eggs themselves are keeping the Guardian Beasts alive. I think it’s something about gods not needing to exist if there’s no one for them to reign over and the dinosaurs were their most powerful subjects it would seem. Having had this knowledge a little earlier on might have benefited the team though. The time you do not want to learn about this is in the middle of a battle when you need the eggs’ babysitter to help you take out a monster. If they knew the battle against Great Satan would eventually come, a safer hiding place should have been secured. Their own lair doesn’t seem too shabby of a place to hide the eggs. No one else ever seems to go in there.

Action in this episode was pretty great, and that’s good too because just about all of it was on the giant scale. The production crew behind this series is pulling out all the stops to make these final battles as grand as they can. There’s scale all over the place and the destruction is visible like you wouldn’t believe. It’s easy now to see why the narrator constantly says that there’s no peace. Heck, DaiZyuJin is crashing into buildings fairly often these days. Seeing this affect the daily lives of normal people might have helped the series sell the idea that no one is safe, but that’s another one of those things tokusatsu doesn’t go out of its way to do. I’m looking at you, Kuuga, and your 400 dead cops.

The end of the episode is a great cliffhanger. If you’re not spoiled, you really have no idea how the team is going to get out of this. King Brachion is gone, Dragon Caesar doesn’t provide as much power as needed, and there isn’t anyone else that the team can call upon for help. The Zyuranger are in their darkest hour, but so is the planet. They’re going to need to pull out a miracle because they’ve got to defeat Dora Talos, Bandora, and Great Satan himself.