Three hours remain.

[燃えよブライ! ] Moe yo Burai!
Burn, Burai!
Writer: Noboru Sugimura

Burai learns that the boy in his nightmare, named Kouta, is waiting for the next trip to the land of the dead as he’ll be dying very soon after Burai. Meanwhile, Dora Mimic’s Dragon Caesar form is giving the rest of the team trouble, forcing Burai out into the opening. When a calming melody does nothing, Burai and the others realize this isn’t the real Guardian Beast. Bandora makes her way to the battlefield and reveals that she managed to track Burai’s magical energy from when he left the Lapless Room and knows of its location. The two race back to the room and while Burai arrives before she can destroy it, he is no match for the great witch.

With the room destroyed and Burai assured of his death, he goes to find the boy from his nightmare so that he can save his life before his own is extinguished. The boy is apparently a big fan of Burai and Dragon Caesar and the two enjoy their time together. The others watch on from their lair just as Barza finds a way to save Burai. The Rangers are disarmed of their Dino Bucklers and Dan and Goushi are transported to another dimension where they must find and defeat a guardian spirit for the ancient water of life. Dora Mimic then begins its attack as GouRyuJin and then DaiZyuJin. Burai comes to the scene to hold off the monster while the others are pelted with rocks by the people of the city who believe the Zyuranger have turned on them. A falling piece of rubble then strikes Kouta and gravely injures him. As the battle rages on, Burai begins a frantic search for anything that can save the boy’s life while only three hours of his remain.

Whew, what an episode. This two parter is my favorite of all the Zyuranger episodes and I think it’s going to up there for anyone who has given the series a viewing. There’s tension all over the place as Burai seemingly comes to terms with his impending death and resolves to save the life of the boy in his nightmare. This is another one of those episodes that lets you see just how far Burai has come as a person. Upon his revival, Burai nearly killed a young boy (er, fae, thing) and now he’s using he final hours of his life to make a boy happy and to make sure he doesn’t die. We’ve pretty much seen Burai’s transformation from villain to hero come full circle with this episode and I love it for that. Though it’s pretty ironic now that Burai’s death is inevitable because he made it a point to find Kouta in real life.

The rest of the team, especially Geki, continue doing what they can for their friend. In a stroke of incredible luck, Barza finds the only way to save Burai hours before his death. It’s just too bad that the only way to save Burai comes at the cost of our heroes being able to transform at all while the journey to obtain the water of life is being undertaken. I find it odd how quickly the people of the city were able tot urn on the team. Nothing so far really leads me to believe that anyone should doubt the Zyuranger. Though I guess with their giant robots destroying the city and all, you can imagine that it would be kind of easy to forget everything these guys have done for you in the past.

So pretty much, everything that you don’t want to happen is actually happening, and all at the same time. The city is in ruins and the battle is being drawn out much longer than anyone would like. We even see a building completely destroyed as DaiZyuJin falls onto it, probably killing who knows how many people. You kind of get the feeling that if just one of the circumstances had been different, Burai’s chances of surviving would be so much better. This episode basically calls back to 39 in where Burai tells his brother that doing the right thing can sometimes be the most difficult thing to do. Back then we learned that Burai wasn’t fully at terms with his death just yet, but given the chance to have his death mean something, he has finally come to accept his own fate at long last. And I’ve gotta say, Shiro Izumi is putting in some great acting here. I’ve always thought he was kind of a waste in Changeman, good character, but not enough focus. It’s sort of the same here, but when he does get that focus, he’s the star of the show for me. If you compare him now to his first couple of episodes, it’s so easy to believe his transformation from villain to hero. Sometimes that transformation isn’t easy to see because an actor can’t quite pull it off, but that’s not something that has ever been an issue for Izumi in the role of Burai. He plays the role with this intensity that just sells you on everything he’s experienced.