The search for an ancient weapon is on when a hidden map falls into the hands of a young boy trying to make his mother’s dreams come true.


[くだけ! 死の鏡 ] Kudake! Shi no Kagami
Smash it! The Mirror of Death
Writer: Noboru Sugimura

While out on a fishing trip, a young boy finds a bottle and opens it up, expelling centuries worth of magical energy that alert Barza and Bandora to its unsealing. Contained within the bottle is a map to what the boy thinks is treasure but is actually a the location of an ancient mirror called the Mirror of Ruin. The mirror will destroy anyone or anything that glances upon it and was sealed up for good reason. Knowing this, the team heads out to find the map and stop it from falling into the wrong hands, racing against Lami in her mission to get the map.

The boy, not knowing the map leads to a destructive mirror, begins to search for what he thinks is hidden treasure. The Zyuranger stumble into him, asking if he’s seen a bottle with a map and the kid lies to them. The team eventually discovers the truth when Lami and the newest Dora Monster, DoraGunrock, track the kid down and Geki hears his screams. DoraGunrock unleashes a secret attack that affixes a heavy rock to anyone it hits. Dan is hit first and, unable to help him, Geki runs after the kid with the others. Goushi and Boi are the next to find themselves weighed down by the rocks before the boy gets away and forces Geki to leave his friends behind.

Geki and Mei track down the boy’s mother and learn the reason he’s so intent on getting treasure is because he wants to send his mother to Europe so she can visit the place where his father died. Once the truth comes out and DoraGunrock has Geki and Mei weighed down, the kid boys through and uses the mirror to destroy the monster. Lami grabs the mirror and goes into her giant form, along with her husband, to take down the team, but some quick thinking allows the team a victory in the end.

You know, even though we didn’t see a ton of him, I think this might have been my favorite child character in the series thus far. He’s a little arrogant, but he’s a nice kid at heart and he’s doing things for the right reasons, just not using the best method. Anyone remember that annoying kid from somewhere in the late teens/early 20s that teamed up with a DoraMonster to make people fall asleep? Yeah, this is what I think that should have been. The kid is by no means perfect, but you understand why he’s so set on accomplishing his goals. And, in the end, you probably won’t dislike the kid because you do have that little extra something to flesh out his character.

I was kind of stunned at the monster’s attack this time around, well, not so much the attack, but the way people reacted to it, specifically Geki. Maybe it wasn’t meant to come off this way, but him leaving his friends behind seemed kind of cruel. The team didn’t push him to leave them behind, they were begging him to help. Geki didn’t leave them behind right away, but it didn’t seem like he gave it much thought either way. I was thinking this would be an interesting area to touch upon, but by the end of the episode everyone is happy and it’s skimmed over, so I really have to wonder how much of that is just my reading of what happened and how much was intentional.

Also, Lami! This is the first episode in a while where she seems to take the lead. She didn’t get a whole lot of screen team, but she’s always an interesting character to follow. I especially loved the giant battle at the end as she teamed up with her husband. The Zyuranger only won today because she accidentally pointed the mirror at her husband and hey, she loves him, so she was willing to throw it away. It’s a little touch, but it’s one of those things that actually makes the episode for me. I would love to see these two receive more focus at some point. It’s interesting to see just how many battles the team would actually lose if not for a stroke of fate or incredible coincidence. Yay for taking advantage of love!

So, all in all, this is a good episode. I had a lot of fun with it, more so than the last episode, and it makes up for that waste of a kid all those episodes ago. The action isn’t great, but it’s one of those things that gives you a lot to think about in the end and makes you wonder just how much of the content is meant to be intentionally subtle for older viewers and how much is just the way we read the scenes.