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Kamen Rider Wizard returns tot he airwaves after a week off, let’s get to the numbers!


After a fairly low week for Go-Busters with episode 37, Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters Mission 38…didn’t do much to help.  With the return of Wizard to the airwaves, it’s actually a surprise to see that Go-Busters dropped from last week. Sentai almost always do worse when they fly solo, but not this time around. Mission 38 grabbed a 3.5% viewership rating, down from last week’s 3.7%. The series average now stands at 4.1%.

Wizard’s return reached a series low which, admittedly, isn’t too difficult this early on with a 5.4% viewership rating, down from the 6.8% rating for the episode two weeks ago. Wizard’s overall series average stands at 6.5% right now. It’s not great, but it’s not terrible. The show does need to start trending in higher numbers if it wants to be able to find itself a decent overall average and not fall too hard when the mid-series slumps come in.