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Rooster Teeth’s main animator, Monty Oum, is heading up a new original project next year and has recently premiered the teaser. Check it out after the jump!

For those of you not too familiar with RT’s flagship product, Red vs Blue, it’s an original machinima series based off of the Halo series. Up until recently, they’ve used in-game mechanics to tell their ever-expanding story of a couple of warring, yet slightly-to-very moronic teams in a small canyon. In Season 8, they introduced original animation to showcase complex fight choreography, done by Monty Oum. For seasons 9 and 10, it has gone from just Monty doing the animation to a whole team of animators working with him to create some truly stunning CG animation and set pieces. Now Monty, also known for his series Haloid and Dead Fantasy, has been given the opportunity to expand his ideas into his own series.

Not too much is known at this point about the series. RWBY stands for Red, White, Black and Yellow and is pronounced “Ruby”. The teaser shows a red riding hood-type character decimating a horde of “werewolves” using a very unique and deadly weapon. The animation looks simply amazing, combining smooth animation with anime-influenced art. It’s not quite cell-shading but gives off that feeling. So far, this is just a look at the type of fight choreography to expect in the series, but it is promised to have interesting characters and a deep story ingrained in all aspects of the series. What I also like about this series that most of this show will be worked on by some of the unsung heroes that work behind the scenes now on Red vs Blue among many of the other shows RT has produced. In a way, this is sort of their time to shine and show what they’ve got. I’m extremely hyped for this and cannot wait for this to come out. Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think. What are your expectations for the show?