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…and needs our help!  Hit the jump to learn more about the project and how to pitch in!

Director Javier Yanez and Screenwriter Miguel Morán are heading up an ambitious project to produce a short film based off of the short-story manga “Mighty Boy” by Naoki Urasawa, creator of such famous manga as Monster and 20th Century Boys. The story seems to take a behind-the-scenes approach on the making of a tokusatsu series. It follows a young man who pursues his dreams of becoming an action stuntman for a live-action superhero TV series.

The twist here is that they actually got the rights to develop this short film from Urasawa himself and will be getting help from him and his publisher to make this dream come true. All they need is a bit more of a financial boost to get the ball rolling. This looks like it could be a really intriguing project. And seeing as this will be translated into many languages, including English, seems like a cool opportunity for the tokusatsu fandom to lend a helping hand. Click the link below to get all of the details and how to donate.

Mighty Boy Short Film – Indiegogo