Episode 9 of Kamen Rider Wizard and Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters Mission 36 aired this week and we’ve got the ratings courtesy of the Japanese ratings Wiki that includes a surprising series high.

The ninth episode of Kamen Rider Wizard aired this weekend and say an slight increase compared to the previous week, which itself was a drop. Wizard’s 9th episode, also the debut of a new form for Wizard, scored a 6.8% rating. Wizard’s series average thus far stands at 6.7%.

Mission 36 of Go-Busters, serving as the introduction to Go-Buster Lioh, scored itself a 5.3% rating. That 5.3% is a series high, the closest the series has come to that has been a couple of 5.2’s in the past. Unfortunately, this is still a fairly low rating, though great for Go-Busters to post a series high this late into its run, its series average name stands at 4.1%.