So back in ’74 Fujioka found himself working on this pretty action packed detective drama called White Fang. (shiroi kiba)

(what I assume is a spoiler filled video)

The show stars Fujioka in the role of Arimitsu Yosuke, an elite detective in the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department. An investigation leads to Yosuke seemingly killing his friend and fellow detective, Muraki, and resigning from the police department in the aftermath. Afterwards Yosuke goes on a personal quest for revenge as he tries to clear both his and Muraki’s names.

Now I haven’t seen any of the show, but it looks fantastic. It almost seems like Fujioka gets to do more intense action here than anything he did in Kamen Rider. Which I guess makes sense, this doesn’t quite look like a show aimed at kids. So, essentially what I’m trying to say is…anyone find a download of this and I will love you forever. Also, that is a bangin’ opening theme.