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Kamen Rider Wizard episode 8 and Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters Mission 35 aired over the weekend and ratings are for the two new episodes.

The 8th episode of Kamen Rider Wizard aired this weekend and scored a 6.5% viewership rating. The episode took a dip from last week’s 7.1%, achieving the third lowest viewed episode of the series thus far. The series average falls a bit to a 6.7% when factoring in the ratings of this episode.

In some surprising news, Go-Busters actually improved over the previous week. Mission 35 of Go-Busters reached 4.9% viewership, up from the previous week’s 4.5%. This brings the current series average to a 4.1%. It’s pretty unusual to see a Kamen Rider episode dip while a Sentai episode improves, the two shows tend to show some sort of correlation with each other as far as ratings trends go.