In a surprising move, neither Green Lantern nor Young Justice will be airing today. Both shows are off the air for the foreseeable future as is the entire DC Nation block.

If you’re watching either Young Justice or Green Lantern, you’re out of luck for a while. DC Nation was quietly removed from the schedule around 1 AM last night – and this was only discovered thanks to a coincidental check of the schedule by different people. The block won’t be returning for at least the rest of October, an unexpected decision as DC¬† Nation and Cartoon Network both recently announced that there would be new episodes straight through to December before taking a break for Winter. Fans are livid at the sudden removal of the shows and it doesn’t stop there. Giancarlo Volpe, one of Green Lantern’s producers, has been vocal about his disapproval regarding this decision on his Twitter page. Volpe was left uninformed, as were most viewers, leaving even someone as high up as him unaware of the decision to take DC Nation off the channel for the time being.

Replacing DC Nation were reruns of older Cartoon Network shows in celebration of the channel’s 20th anniversary. Despite the anniversary celebrations been long over by then, airings of the How to Train Your Dragon TV series will replace DC Nation for the remainder of the month. No one from CN has come forward to give a proper explanation, leaving many viewers confused and upset with the situation.