The broadcast of Ultraman Retsuden episode 66 saw the start of that show’s sixth course (or season) on TV with a brand new opening theme song. The episode also marked a landmark in the history of the Ultraman franchise. As of this episode, Retsuden is now the longest running Ultraman show ever, beating out Ultraman Cosmos by just one episode at this point. (and Retsuden shows no signs of stopping) The theme song ULTRA FLY, is written and performed by Miyano Mamoru, who performed the second opening to Retsuden, DREAM FIGHTER, as well as voicing Ultraman Zero himself. Episode 66 sees the introduce of Ultraman Nexus, Ultraman Max, and Ultraman Mebius in promotion for the release recently released DVD box sets for each series. Retsuden will cover major stories from each series until the December release of the Ultraman Mebius box set.