It’s time for the introduction of a new main character in the series, probably not someone you would expect!

While in the forest, Amazon hears a gunshot moments before a dead bird falls to the ground in front of him. An injured man comes out of the woodwork to claim the bird as his own. Amazon doesn’t quite understand why the man killed the bird, telling the man that the bird wasn’t evil so it shouldn’t have been killed. After Amazon scares the man off and begins to bury the bird, he hears the man call from help and rushes to his aid. Gedon’s newest monster, the Mole Beastman, is attacking the man and Amazon jumps in to save his life.

As Amazon is fighting the Moleman, trying not to be dragged into the ground, the man he he saved attacks him, stepping on his hands and banging him in the head. The monster is eventually scared off when the police arrive and apprehend the man who attacked Amazon. It turns out the man was a murderer on the run and while they’re initially thankful, the police soon become suspicious of Amazon and bring him in for questioning. Tachibana bails Amazon out but by this point there are a bunch of reporters at the police station trying to question Amazon. Confused and scared, Amazon jumps from the third from of the station and runs into the city, declaring his hate for humans.

Reading about Amazon in the paper, Ritsuko tells Masahiko that he needs to stop hanging around Amazon, claiming danger follows wherever he goes. The kid thinks otherwise and claims that Amazon is his friend regardless of what happens.

The Moleman appears and then kidnaps Masahiko.

Ritsuko calls Tachibana for help and the pair race to find Amazon, who is already trying to find a way back home to the amazon. Our hero rushes to Masahiko’s rescue when he learns of the situation and after a long battle with the Mole Beastman, manages to save his friend.

I’m not sure about anyone else but I consider this to be the first big episode of the series. Why? Cause we’re introduced to the freaking Mole Beastman! I won’t spoil too much, but if you’ve seen the trailer for the next episode, I’m pretty sure you can guess what’s going to happen. This episode sort of plays the Mole Beastman as your regular monster of the week and nothing more, but the next episode should be a pretty awesome surprise.

The Ten Faced Demon shows us that it needs human blood to survive during this episode and that’s kind of neat. Its multiple faces were just sort of there with their normal flesh tones and you kind of think it’s a production error at first, but nope! Drinking the blood of humans causes the faces to turn red again. We’re not actually told why they turn red, but I guess you can imagine that it’s something to do with them getting the nutrients they need.

This episode also seems to establish an odd sort of love/hate relationship between Amazon and the humans he encounters that aren’t the main three. Amazon encounters a murderer who he saves…and then the guy turns on him and beats him with a piece of wood while the Mole Beastman is trying to drag him underground. Later Amazon meets some very curious reporters and is absolutely terrified by their constant questioning of him and the flash from their cameras. Given the sort of interaction he’s had with humans thus far, it’s not surprising that Amazon’s confused as to the true nature of humans.

It’s that confusion with humans, the stark contrast between the people he’s interacted with, that leads Amazon to claim he just hates them. I’m guessing the tribe he lived with must have all been pretty laid back people. You kind of figure that these varied personalities are normal traits found within humans as a whole. For Amazon to be confused and enraged by how different humans can be from one another tells me that he probably comes from a pretty simplistic tribe.

Of course it’s the kid that gets Amazon rethinking his declaration of hate for humans in the end. By the end of the episode Amazon’s starting to understand how different people can be from one another and that even though there are crummy people out there, not everyone is like that. Which is a good lesson for the guy to learn since the next episode is going to have him confronting that with monsters.

As I watched this episode, I realized that a lot of what Risuko says about Amazon isn’t entirely false. It is the guy’s fault that people end up in trouble since Gedon is actively hunting innocent(ish) humans down to lure Amazon out into a battle. At the same time, you can’t hate Amazon for his mere existence, that’s Decade’s thing. The guy needs to learn the language a little better so he can properly explain how he feels because at the moment he comes off as…a wild child, which is, but that can change. Amazon’s in a new world now and he needs to better understand the rules of this world and just how different people can be.