It’s time for another episode of Space Man Gavan and his radical 80s adventure bike!

In another bid to take over the world, the Makuu create the dummy organization called Alpha. Using Alpha, the Makuu are sending demands to Japan, threatening to blow up an oil liner above Tokyo if their demands are not met. The Japanese government meets the demands of Alpha and send countless amounts of priceless diamonds into space. Realizing how easily twisted the Japanese government is, Alpha makes a second demand – they want ownership rights to Mount Fuji.

Gavan realizes that a lot of these demands are synching up with things Makuu would want and figures out that Alpha is really just Makuu under a different name. Gavan goes on the offensive and draws the Makuu out into a space battle. Gavan defeats the Makuu and then heads down to earth to look for the base they’re holding the oil liner at. Sneaking into the base leads Gavan to a new Makuu monster and a battle in the twisted Makuu Space. After the battle is won, the oil liner begins its flight to Tokyo and Gavan encounters the Makuu agent controlling it. The agent is defeated soon enough and Gavan is able to destroy the oil liner before it reaches the city with his giant dragon.

And thus ends the second episode of Gavan. I enjoyed this one a lot more than the first episode for a ton of reasons – top one being that the narrator isn’t constantly telling us how the hero feels. Other than that, I just love how proactive of a hero Gavan feels. He actually goes out an initiates an attack with the Makuu in space before sneaking into their earth base and doing his thing. It’s great to see a hero who doesn’t wait around for things to happen and goes on the attack every once in a while.

The threat during this episode was very by the books and nothing unique, but it’s always cool to see a giant ship flying around in the sky. More so here because it’s never explained how the ship is able to fly or why the Makuu are using a pirate ship, but hey, whatever makes people think it’s a subtle Akumaizer 3 reference is okay in my book! It’s a little disconcerting to see just how quickly the government was to bend to the whims of Makuu. I guess Gavan’s activities on earth must still be too new for anyone to feel like they can rely on him as a hero and simply not negotiate with criminals. Though, speaking of criminals, I freaking love that the second demand the Makuu wanted was the deed to Mount Fuji. It’s one of those things that makes me think of the Makuu as an actual mafia. They may be corrupt in the way they do things, but if they can somehow use the law to their benefit, they’ll take it.

Something I didn’t quite get was the random introduction of this Interpol guy who sticks around for all of a minute and doesn’t even get any lines. The show makes you think he might be important to the plot, but nope, he’s gone as soon as he appeared. Maybe it’s for the best, foreign actors in tokusatsu of this era…or in general, tend to be pretty difficult for me to take seriously.

Anywho! Action was top notch once again thanks to Kenji Ohba. This one of those episodes that makes me love the guy as fighter. Ohba puts in so many of these playful mannerisms into his stunts and fights. This little gif captures my favorite moment of the episode and is the epitome of why Kenji Ohba is a bamf. Though something I’m not liking right now is how unconvincing the monsters come off when they go giant, they just don’t do it for me.