There are actually pictures this time!

– …okay, so my thinking that Shunpei was afraid of his magic last week was totally off.

– Yeah, Haruto not getting doughnuts is going to be a running thing isn’t it? (also, Koyomi is so jealous of Rinko)

– Calling it now, this TV agent interested in Shunpei is the Phantom, not the police dude.

– Man, Shunpei is the happiest guy in the world, how can anyone dislike him?

– He is never going to get a doughnut.

– Annnnd Shunpei’s magic is fake.

– Welp. So much for Shunpei being the happiest guy in the world.

– These scenes with the Phantoms remind me so much of the Grongi and Greeed.

– Ooh hey, Rider 1 sound effect, nifty.

– Now there’s a good use for the sleep ring.

– Annnd poor Shunpei can’t use magic right when he steps in front of the camera.

– Yup. The agent is the Phantom. Also, that’s a really nifty transformation effect. Looks like they projected an image onto the actor’s face.

– Yeeeeaaah. This whole battle’s being broadcast on live TV, that should do well for a secret identity.

– Man I’m loving all the twist kicks in these fights.

– That dragon really does not want to work with Wizard.

– Well that is an…interesting Rider kick.

– Yay, Shunpei’s finally Haruto’s student!

– God I just love that Koyomi doesn’t like all these people around Haruto. I can totally see this leading to something serious later on through Intense Drama.