For once we’re actually going to have a Kamen Rider music video with some sort of story going into it!

It’s been revealed that Japanese wrestling star Hiroshi Tanahashi will star alongside Kiriyun Shou in the music video for Life is SHOW TIME, the opening theme to Kamen Rider Wizard. Appearing along with Tanahashi will be two other Japanese boxing and karate stars. The scenario for the music video sees Tanahashi and the others defending Kiriyun Shou from a Ghoul attack as he performs the theme song. A huge Kamen Rider fan, Tanahashi has appeared in the Kamen Rider Girls music video for their cover of the Kamen Rider V3 song. Tanahashi has even worn various costumes modeled after after different Kamen Riders to his wrestling matches. The CD single, along with the music video, go on sale October 24th.