It’s the end of a massive four part story arc! A new mecha is born and Burai’s secret finally comes to light!

Burai joins the team on the battlefield once again as Satan Franken, a Dora Monster powered by Great Satan, is demolishing DaiZyuJin. Despite the help, neither robot is able to best the monster and they’re soon down on the ground, suffering from a foam that’s eating away at their bodies. The team are ejected from their mecha and all would seem hopeless until Clotho decides to have everyone pay a visit to the timeless room.

Their only hope is having the Zyuranger go out and locate an ancient stone tablet that will untie King Brachion, DaiZyuJin, and Dragon Caesar to form Ultimate DaiZyuJin, the true form of god. Long ago in the battle against Great Satan, Ultimate DaiZyuJin lost the ability to stay in its true form after expending too much energy in the battle, but the time has come for the rebirth. Burai’s secret is also out, the rest of the team learns he’s on borrowed time and we finally learn why.

In the millions of years Burai spent in slumber, a mass of crashing rocks killed him during the ice age. Knowing that he would need the sixth Zyuranger to summon his ultimate form once again, DaiZyuJin had Clotho grant Burai those extra hours to live.

As the team heads out to find the tablet, they run into kids suffering from gas poisoning spread by Satan Franken. The team gather up the kids and defend them from Griffozer and Lami while Boi heads out to search for a doctor. When he returns with the doctor, the kids are treated and the team head out again. Finding the stone tablet, the team members must realize what their greatest strength is, declare it, and place their dino coins onto the tablet to awaken the ultimate power again.

With two new mecha formations, Sovereign DaiZyuJin and Ultimate DaiZyuJin, the team heads into battle and make quick work of Satan Franken.

As far as multi episode stories go, this could have fit into three episodes without much problem. Removing the Zyuranger searching for the kids during the previous episode would have freed up a lot of time to close out the story there. Though I think giving this thing its own episode does help flesh out the finality of the journey and first battle against Great Satan.

This is one of those episodes that totally brings its RPG elements to the forefront. You have your party of heroes going on a quest, needing find a doctor to heal people, and finally getting to an ancient treasure. (you should totally try playing that Zelda treasure box theme as Geki inserts his coin) It was cool seeing the different traits that each Ranger is supposed to represent. Mei is love, Dan is courage, Boi is hope, Burai is power, Goushi is wisdom, and Geki is, of course, justice. Maybe I wasn’t paying attention at first, but seeing the flashbacks to moments that are supposed to represent the best of their traits was such a “holy crap!” moment of realization for me – Dan’s was the only one I really picked up on at first.

So our heroes finally have their greatest weapon, Ultimate DaiZyuJin. Though it isn’t the most well made mecha when you consider that it’s just the toy most of the time, it’s a heck of a lot better than what happened the previous time Sentai had a seven piece robot. After four episodes of build up this guy does not disappoint at all. The battle is over in seconds and while that might seem a little much considering how long this story has been running, this is the ultimate form of god in their world.

In addition to all the cool groovy robot goodness, we finally learn why Burai’s on limited time. It’s a total shocker when you watch it for the first time and realize how long DaiZyuJin has been pulling strings behind the scenes. This is all he needed Burai for and…well, the guy has less than a day’s worth of time remaining.

Watching this episode reminds me of why I love Kamen Rider Hibiki so much – forest battles are awesome. There’s something about setting a scene in a forest that gives it this naturally mysterious vibe and this enhances the quest aspect of the episode so much. I can’t imagine feeling the same way about this one if it was the team looking around the city for the stone tablet. Though, speaking of visuals, man that final scene was pretty ugly.

So all in all, not a shabby way to end this story. It went on a little longer than I hoped it would, but now our team has their strongest weapon on their side and Burai’s secret is out. We can only look imagine how the team is going to react to that secret once they’ve had time to let it simmer.