It’s time for episode three and the introduction of a very special and important character to the Kamen Rider series!

[強くてハダカで速い奴!] Tsuyokute Hadaka de Hayai Yatsu!
The Really Fast and Strong Naked Guy!
Writer: Daimon  Isao

Gedon sends out another monster, but this time rather than going after Amazon, they’re going after innocent people to lure our hero out into the open. While watching a bike race, Amazon saves Tachibana Tobei from the Praying Mantis Beastman and is given a crash course in bike riding. Hearing screams in the woods, Amazon rushes to the scene and finds a hiker dead at the hands of the Beastman. Another group of hikers wander onto the scene and instantly accuse Amazon, incapable of verbally defending himself, of the crime and begin to attack him. Later on after Tachibana cheers Amazon up a bit, they’re back to learning how to rider bikes and the Beastman appears once again! This time Amazon’s going into battle with a little something more to prove.

This episode of Kamen Rider Amazon sees the introduction of Tachibana Tobei, a pretty awesome character. If you’ve never seen any older Kamen Rider shows, it probably won’t mean much to you and even be a little confusing to see him on screen, but he’s the one bolt that stuck throughout the original run of shows. Tachibana was sort of this mentor/comedic relief character in all of those shows. The actor is Akiji Kobayashi, someone with a ton of vigor and energy. If you’ve seen the original Ultraman show, you might notice he played Captain Muramatsu there.

Tachibana’s role isn’t very different in Amazon than it was in the previous Rider shows, it’s just a heck of a lot more hands on. Dealing with a wild child like Amazon has Tachibana needing to be more direct and assertive with the guy, something that I couldn’t help but notice when he was yelling at poor ol’ Amazon to man up and get on the freaking bike. I’m really glad to see him here because as much as I like Masahiko and think Ritsuko has the potential to be interesting, you need someone like Tachibana add that boost of comedy to the show.

Something else to note, Amazon finally gets a kill in! The monsters in the previous episodes were defeated by Amazon, but they were killed by the Ten Faced Demon for failing to kill the Rider themselves. I always loved the idea that this series could run without Amazon ever really killing anyone. Maybe just as a way to show that, as much of a wild child as he can be, Amazon isn’t capable of killing anyone, the show has other plans though. Regardless, we got another cool battle this time around, one that sort of focuses on Amazon a little more. The battle in the second episode had that shaky camera effect going on that film makers love to use oh so very much.

Beyond Tachibana’s introduction, this episode is notable because it’s the first time you actually see how much of a problem fitting into this new environment for Amazon I s going to be. In the first two episodes you had the narrator describing Amazin feeling like an outsider, but in this one you see the consequences of it. Being accused of killing that hiker and then getting pelted with rocks and stuff couldn’t have been fun at all. I think what helps drive the idea of Amazon being scared and lost is that he doesn’t know the language very well, so that scene with him muttering “idiot!” over and over to himself as the one word he picked up from the attackers was pretty heavy.

On a side note, I think this is one of those few tokusatsu shows where I don’t mind the narrator telling us how the main character is feeling because… Amazon is Amazon. I mean, yeah, we could probably pick up on how he must have been feeling thanks to the great mannerisms actor Toru Okazaki, but this is one of those things that might help out the younger viewers in the crowd. I just wish the narrator had some emotion to him. As he reads his lines, he sounds so dull and lifeless.